How To Get Rid Of Baby Acne

Acne is an entirely natural condition that affects both adults and children. While in women acne may be a sign of pregnancy, in children it doesn’t mean anything serious. According to research, around 20% of babies worldwide normally have baby acne. It mostly affects babies between the age of 0 to 7 months and most children who are 13 years and above.

Baby acnes are bumps that normally affect the faces and sometimes may appear on the backs of babies. Medically it is known as Erythema Toxicorum Neonatorum (ETN).  It is believed to be common among boys than girls.

Baby acne is normally not painful and as a result, the baby might not feel it. Despite this, most people are not comfortable with them on the faces of their children. There are safe natural ways on how to get rid of baby acne. Before we can see how you can get rid of baby acne, let's dig a little deeper on what causes acne.

What Causes Baby Acne?

The cause of baby acne hasn't been quite proven however there are some suggested possible causes. Many medics believe that baby acne is caused by the immune response as a result of the baby’s exposure to pregnancy hormones. These hormones are estrogen and progesterone which are the hormones responsible for sustaining a pregnancy. In the baby’s body, they may lead to over production of sebum clogging pores of the skin which leads to the growth of acne bumps.

 There are other unconfirmed causes which include your diet and the diet of the baby. For instance, it is believed that if the baby is fed with formula diet then this will trigger the over production of sebum the baby will most like get acne.

Does Acne Last?

Acne does not last long, they normally last for up to 2 weeks and may keep visiting your baby regularly until the fourth or sixth month. For a patient parent, you might put up with acne on your babies face or unless you have that important photo shoot coming soon and you would not want to see your baby looking like that. If so keep reading to find ways of getting rid of baby acne.

Ways Of Getting Rid Of Baby Acne.

1. Breast Milk Application

Breast milk is the major nutrient supplying food for a baby at the early age. It helps in building the immune and keeps the baby energized. It is rich in lauric acid, omega-3 fatty acids and glycol nutrients. It is for this reason that it is the best home ready for reducing acne.

When applied to the affected areas, the lauric acid which has anti-bacterial capabilities eliminates bacteria in the acne, and the omega-3 fatty acids and the glycol nutrients help the skin to heal and regain its shape.

 To use breast milk to reduce your baby’s acne, you are required first to clean the affected areas. After doing this, apply the breast milk on the affected parts using cotton pads and allow it dry. For effectiveness, do this regularly until the acne fades.

2. Use Coconut Oil

This is a common home remedy for reducing most of the child infections and inflammations like diaper rash. When applied on the skin, it quickly gets absorbed and is also rich in antimicrobial nutrients. It is for these lasting skin benefits that it is widely suggested as a very successful remedy for treating baby acne.

To use coconut oil to treat your baby’s acne, you are required first to clean the affected area with warm and soapy water. Apply a thin layer of the coconut oil on the affected area as you gently rub the affected areas using your fingers. Be careful not to remove the oil from the affected areas. And lastly, do it twice a day for effective treatment.

3. Use Honey

Honey is a perfect remedy for inflammation infections in babies. They are rich in anti-inflammation nutrients which are good for treating baby acne. To use honey on your baby, you will be required first to clean the affected face area.

Dip your finger or a cotton pad onto the honey and use it to apply the honey gently on your baby’s face. You can then leave it for at least 30 minutes after which you will wash it off with warm water.

 Honey can be mixed with lemon juice which is best known for its good anti-bacterial capabilities. To use honey and lemon juice, mix one tea spoon of lemon juice with the honey you intend to use and then follow the above procedure. Regular application will be of essence.

4. Cornstarch Solution

Cornstarch is good in drying the skin by reducing excessive oil. Acne is as a result of excess oil in the body. For cornstarch to be effective in these oil rich areas on your baby’s face, you should directly apply the solution and only use it once per day. This is to reduce drying effects on the skin.

 To use cornstarch to treat your baby’s acne, mix the starch with water then apply the solution on the affected areas gently with your fingers. Leave it for 45 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. This treatment should be done once per day for effective healing and to reduce drying of the other parts of the skin.

5. Apply Vinegar

This is another popular home remedy for inflammatory infections in babies. You ought not to miss this at your home as a parent. Vinegar is good and rich in antibacterial capabilities, you can prepare it at home and at the same time you can buy pre-made vinegar from a nearby store.

When using vinegar, it is important to watch on the concentration. Concentrated vinegar causes irritation on the sensitive baby skin. Before applying the vinegar, it is important to check whether it will have any side effects on your baby’s skin by first applying it to the wrist of your baby.

If you notice a skin color change to red, you should abstain from using it. If all goes well, use your fingers to apply the solution gently on the affected areas and leave them for 30 minutes to dry.

Don’ts And Tips To Watch Out For While Treating Baby Acne

  • Do not use lotions, creams and greasy oils to treat your baby’s acne. They will block the skin pores and cause irritations.
  • Do not use chemical detergents to treat your baby’s acne. Synthetic detergents have side effects. You can use them only to clean your baby's clothes.
  • Do not overdress your baby if not necessary. Exposure of the affected areas will be great in treating it. Excessive temperatures will lead to irritation. Dress your baby in light clothes.
  • Exercise patience. Baby acne does not last long.
  • Monitor your diet; do not eat oil rich foods or fatty meals. These will find their way to your baby’s body and can escalate acne. Reduce consumption of dairy products, sugar, citrus and dandelion tea.
  • Wash your baby’s pillow cases. Acne may be attributed to bacteria around the pillow cases. They may also find their way into the acne and lead to wounds.


Baby acne is generally not harmful and should not make you worried. Exercise patience while dealing with baby acne. If they grow into wounds, it is important to visit a doctor. Nonetheless, keep watch on your baby’s diet as this will help in getting rid of the baby acne.

It is also advisable to follow the above remedies and with no time your baby will be free of acne. You can as well use oils like coconut oil to prevent acne from affecting your baby again by applying it once per day until she is of age.

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