6 Tips On How To Keep House Clean With Dogs.

We all love clean homes and our fur buddies. Don’t you? With a dog around, you expect dirty paws, pet hair all over, and unpleasant smells.

Cleanliness of the house becomes a priority to us mothers when you love and have dogs in your house, and at the same has got a family and a baby to take care of and bring up. But that’s no problem as in this article I will give you tips on how I keep my house clean with my two furry friends around.

My kids and dogs have created a strong bond. You can only describe them as perfect playmates. It’s clear my house acts like a playing field. I am sure moms like me with kids and dogs around understand entirely my struggle to maintain a clean house.

With time, I have mastered easy and straightforward techniques that help clean and keep my house clean and hygienic for my family, baby, and dogs. Here’s a list of my tips that will make your life better by maintaining a clean house as you enjoy your pet:

1. Dog Toys.

Dog toys can attract germs and become a breeding ground for bacteria that will affect your baby, family and dog’s health. Dog toys should get cleaned and disinfected before entering them in the house, and especially from outside.

The amount of dirt entering your house will get reduced and germs eliminated. Wash with warm water using a mild soap to remove dirt from plastic toys. Soak them for one hour in warm water mixed with white vinegar to disinfect them. Rinse in fresh water and dry.

You must have a toy box for all your dogs’ toys. Dogs love playing with toys and will go leaving them scattered all over the house. Your baby might topple on them and fall, hurting himself badly. Get a big toy box where you assemble all the toys. Then get a smaller toy box where you place the toys that your dogs are playing with at a particular time. Rotate the toys once in a while and don’t allow the dogs to play with them all at once.

2. Grooming.

Clean your dogs regularly. Smelly, dirty dogs will make your house stinky and messy. Your dogs will get exposed to serious health issues resulting from poor hygiene. Your family and in particular baby will get vulnerable to diseases transferred from your dogs. Bath and brush your dogs at least twice per week.

Proper grooming reduces shedding. It will not only prevent fur from scattering all over, but dogs love it and will create real bonding time. Your home will look tidier. Outside grooming will limit the airborne skin particles that may cause allergies to your family and baby.

While walking your dogs in the park, streets, and sidewalks, their paws collect a lot of filth that contains germs. Licking such dirty paws will make them sick. Your baby will play with those dirty paws and lick his hands causing severe medical conditions.

What to do? Wipe your dog’s paw with a clean disinfected damp rag before allowing them to enter the house or to go near your baby.

Better, train your dogs to jump into their bathing tub every time after a walk and wash their paws. Rinse their butt after they poop to remove anything sticking around or left over.

3. Invest in pet self-care products

In order to have you house clean most of the times, investing in pet self-care products can contribute a huge deal in making sure that your dreams come true. There are several pet self-care products ranging from pet food, pet litter boxes and pet feeders among others. All these are aimed at making sure that your pet is comfortable and can access everything even when you are not there.

Some pets may feel hungry and want to feed when you are away at work or attending to some other things.  You should get them the best pet self-care food which they can feed on even in your absence without causing them any worries at all.

When it comes to passing their dog wastes, automatic dog litter boxes will make sure that there are no dog droppings just anywhere in the house. There are also automatic pet feeders that will make sure that dog food does not scatter and litter your house.

4. Dog Proof Your Area.

Use washable rugs and drop cloths made from cotton canvas to dog proof your space. Your furniture and floors will remain clean. Your entry way should have an easy to clean fabric or rug to act as a drop zone for all the dirty stuff entering your house including your dogs. Use it to quickly wipe your dogs’ muddy paws before allowing them to jump into the bathtub.

A shallow container with warm water and a towel kept at the entrance will also work perfectly. Use them to clean and wipe your dog’s muddy paws. If you allow your dogs jump and sit on the furniture, then cover your sofas and bed with washable drop rugs.

Alternatively, you can buy or make beds for your dogs and place them in a comfortable location that interests your dog. A lovely dog bed placed near a window attracts and maintains the dog for many hours as it relaxes quietly watching the exciting activities going on outside.

If your dog loves seeing you around, always move his dog bed to where he can see you. As long as he can see you, he will be happy and relax quietly.

5. Handy Cleaning Supplies.

Get Swiffer sweepers for cleaning hardwood floors and hand floor surfaces. A Swiffer sweeper attracts and traps all the dirt, dust, hair and fur and works more efficiently than a vacuum cleaner as it doesn’t blow fur or hair around. Make your Swiffer handy by keeping it near the places that you will need to use it frequently.

6. Sufficient exercise.

Exercise contributes significantly to your dog’s health and creates a perfect way to strengthen your bond. Bored dogs will always get into mischief like chewing carpets and gnaw on your dinner table leg. Tired and sleepy dogs don’t have time for such misbehavior.

Buy your dogs chew toys and always make them readily available to your dog. Chew toys make your dogs busy while you work or have left the house and will not have time to disorganize your house.

Always keep the doors closed in areas that you don’t want your fur buddies to go in and mess up. Close your baby’s bedroom while asleep to prevent the dogs from disturbing and waking him. A baby should get enough sleep for proper growth and development.

7. Face And Mouth Tidying After Meal.

Use a clean, moist towel with warm water and wipe off food on your dog’s mouth and face after meals. Dogs wipe off their mouth after meals on carpets or couch if not cleaned. Dogs love licking on babies. A dirty mouth will pass on germs to your child making him sick.


Just as much as we need the companionship of our dogs, we also need to stay in clean and hygienic houses. You should not use your dog as an excuse to your dirty house. Use the above tips that I have outlined for you on how to keep a house clean with dogs to ensure a clean house, healthy happy family, and dog.

With two very active dogs, three small kids and a baby, my house rocks clean throughout the day with hygiene at the highest standard. Relax, no magic involved, I just use the above tips. So, why not you? Go ahead and try. You will love the sound of your kid’s happy laughter as they play with your dogs within a clean and comfortable house.

Kristi Cathey

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