Want to have Successful Pregnancy Test? Here are the simple Tips

It’s every woman’s dream come true the moment they realise they might be expecting a baby. It will free you of the doubts as it is said knowing the truth sets you free. It will also help you to prepare for the gestation period. This will include setting your budget for the newborn on the way, watching your diet, and doing exercises. You will also want to look for std testing near me to ensure the good health of both you and your baby throughout the pregnancy.

prepare for the gestation period

If your results come out positive then you will also have the good news to surprise your boyfriend or your husband with. Who wouldn’t want to make their husbands or boyfriends happy with the new of a positive pregnancy?

What Is The Right Time Take A Pregnancy Test?


So you had unprotected sex, many questions are running through your mind. So how soon can you do a pregnancy test? Many women out of anxiety rush to do apregnancy test and out of surprise fail to get the results as they expected.

Pregnancy tests will be inaccurate if taken five days before your periods because you can either get negative results in case you are pregnant or there are some instances where pregnancy tests will pick up hormone levels for pregnancies that didn’t take place.

It is advisable therefore to take a pregnancy test after you miss your period. To be even more accurate, it is advisable to do it a week after you miss your periods.

What Are Some Of The Early Symptoms That You Are Pregnant?

early signs of being pregnant

There are many early signs of being pregnant, most first time women usually may not be aware of these pregnancy symptoms. As a first time pregnant woman, would you expect some pimples on your face to be a sign of a pregnancy? I highly doubt that because most of the young women will rarely associate pimples on the face with being pregnancy.

  • Missing your periods is the most obvious first sign of pregnancy.
  • Having acute and puffy breasts.
  • Vomiting often and especially in the morning.
  • Feeling tired.
  • Nausea.
  • Abnormal short calls and urine quantities.

How To Correctly And Successfully Do Pregnancy Test

There are generally two ways to do a pregnancy test, and they entirely depend on your choice. There is testing by using a home pregnancy test or by the clinical test.

Home Pregnancy Tests

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This is the most simple and accurate way to test for a pregnancy. If you value privacy, this the right test for you since you will be the one conducting the test. During pregnancy, there are specific hormones that are releasedinto a woman’s body and the urine.

These hormones are called the human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG)hormones. A home pregnancy test will, therefore, detect the levels of these hormones and give the results showing whether you are pregnant or not. Most of these pregnancy test kits are digital therefore give the results in different formats. Some will display positive (+) or negative (–) signs.

Clinical Test

Clinical test pregnancy

The clinical test is conducted by doctors. It includes both blood and urine test. It is advisable to take clinical tests in case the home pregnancy test fails or in a case where you are confirming a positive pregnancy test result from a test stick.

The clinical test is usually expensive than home pregnancy test and takes alonger time to get results. Some will take up to a week.

How To Use A Home Pregnancy Test

1. Choose How You Are Going To Do The Test

There are two ways to do a pregnancy test using the home pregnancy test stick. One of the ways will require you to urinate on the stick or urinate in a cup provided with the stick and then insert the pregnancy test stick into the urine. It is advisable you use a small stream of urine when conducting your test this way.

Home pregnancy tests


  • Make sure to keep the absorbent end of the pregnancy test stick into the urine or directly below the urine stream when urinating on it.
  • Read the instructions of the test stick carefully before using it.This is because different brandscome with different time limits you should urinate on it.

The second way of doingthe pregnancy testusing home pregnancy test is by dropping urineon the test stick using a stopper.First,you will be required to place a sample of your urine into a plastic cup. Take the dropper, suck a small amount of urine and place it on the test stick.

Home pregnancy tests

2. Waiting For The Results

pregnancy test waiting

After successfully bringing your urine in contact with the test stick, it will be time for the test stick to analyse your urine. It normally takes 1 to 5 minutes; others take up to 10 minutes for the test stick to give accurate results.

Tips On Waiting For Results

  • Do something distractive while you wait for your results. This will reduce anxiety.
  • Make sure the display screen of the test stick is facing upwards.
  • Make sure your stick is displaying a sign that it is working on the test

3. Checking Your Results

Once your test stick has analysed the level of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone, it will be the time to tell you whether you have passed the results or not. Different test sticks display results using different symbols. Common ones display positive (+) or negative (–) signs.

Checking your results pregnancy test

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When you see a(+) sign it means you are lucky, you are going to be a mum while a (–) sign will show you failed the test you are not pregnant.

Tips On Checking Your Results

  • Confirm that you have read all the instructions carefully so that you know the types of results that are going to be displayed. Apart from the (+) and (–) signs, other test sticks like digital sticks display words like “pregnant or “not pregnant”, others will display their results by thecolour change of a line on the screen.
  • Sometimesa faint line may be displayed on your test stick’s screen. This shows that the stick might have detected some level of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) hormone. In this case, you are required to consider itas a positive result.

4. Post Results Decisions

You have now done your tests, you have your results, what next? If you had positive results, it would be wise if you take a step of confirming the pregnancy by seeing a doctor. A blood test can then be done to confirm the pregnancy.

Blood test pregnancy

If you had negative results it would be wise to wait for another week to see whether you will have your periods before doing another test.

Tips On Post Results Decisions

  • Confirm your results with a doctor first before telling your family about the results.
  • False results may occur because of miscalculated menstruation dates. Make sure you are aware of your ovulation dates. You should also be aware of conditions that may lead to the delayed ovulation.


Nothing relieves a woman like knowing whether she is pregnant or not. It is therefore important that this test exercise is done with extreme care to ensure that you don’t find yourself in another dilemma of not being sure of the results you got. Knowing your results as early as possible will enable you to have prior plans for your expectancy period.

The pregnancy results will also come in handy in helpingyou tomake informed decisions with your husband or boyfriend whether you are ready to be parents or not. It is my hope that this comprehensive article has been of assistance to all the women out there who don’t know to use the pregnancy test kits successfully.

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