A Guide on How to Prepare for Pregnancy

The joy that comes with childbirth is unexplainable. Most couples are overjoyed when they realize they will be the new parents on the block in a few months’ time. However, pregnancy and childbirth are a big scare to most women, especially first-time mothers.

You’ve probably come across many horror stories from mothers who have gone through difficult pregnancies. How you prepare for pregnancy has a huge effect on your overall experience. Here are several things you can do to prepare for an easy pregnancy.

Physical Therapy

Pregnancy comes with many physical changes that affect the mother’s musculoskeletal system. Some of these changes include weight gain, hormonal changes, and postural changes. All these have an effect on the health of the mother as well as that of the baby. Therefore, it's vital to learn safe physical exercises to counter postural changes and other effects of pregnancy.

The kind of exercise you do during pregnancy are not the same as your typical weight-lifting or other rigorous physical activities. You need to engage in safe exercises that are specifically meant to relieve back pains, prepare you for short labor, and enhance your health and that of your baby.

Since physical therapy is required before, during and after childbirth, at-home therapy is highly recommended. Buy the right equipment from https://www.jamesonmedical.com/ to facilitate productive therapy sessions.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Whether your body feels healthy or not, it’s crucial to visit a doctor for pre-pregnancy assessment. The doctor will examine your current health and ask about your health history and that of your family. In case there’s a history of hereditary diseases in your family, you will need further assistance from a genetic counselor.

Your doctor will ask about any kind of medications you might be using before giving advice on their effect on pregnancy. If you have long term health issues, the doctor will do the necessary tests and advise you on the right time to get pregnant. For instance, people who are diabetic or asthmatic will need to be in a stable condition before getting pregnant. Obese persons also need to lose weight prior to pregnancy to avoid future complications.

Eat Healthy

Healthy eating is crucial for an easy pregnancy. You need to maintain a healthy body weight and eat the right foods to supply the fetus with the right nutrients. Some of the things you need to do before pregnancy is:

  • Increase the intake of protein-rich foods.
  • Eat more grains, fruits, dairy products, and vegetables.
  • Minimize the intake of caffeine, artificial sweeteners, and empty calories.

One of the biggest challenges pregnant women deal with is cravings. You need to practice healthy eating early enough so that cravings don’t get the better of you once you're far along. Eating a balanced diet will ensure you reach and maintain the optimal body weight.

Avoid, Alcohol, Smoking and Other Drugs

This is standard, but alcohol, drugs and smoking don’t go well with pregnancy. They will reduce your chances of getting pregnant and may even lead to miscarriages. If you are already addicted to such drugs, you need medical assistance to quit as early as possible.

Besides the effects of drugs on getting pregnant, they also affect the health of the unborn baby. There is nothing like smoking, drinking or taking drugs in moderation during pregnancy. Any amount of smoke, alcohol or drug has a negative effect on the health of the fetus. This can manifest in long-term issues such as:

  • Facial and heart defects
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Behavioral issues

Bottom Line

The more you research about what it's like to be pregnant, the less nervous you'll be. Ask friends who have children about their own experiences too - you'll need a strong support system through the entire process!

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