Tips On How To Take A Bath For Your Baby

You will see thousands of photos on the Internet showing that bathing time is good fun! However, taking a bath for a newborn baby requires special techniques that not all moms dare to do it, particularly if it is the first time. They think that they might drop their kid or hurt him as he is too soft while they are not professional at all.

After all, practice makes perfect, right? You cannot ask somebody or hire a nurse forever to bathe your little one. Thus, today article will help you out with basic tips on how to take a bath for your baby that you should know to make both of you comfortable.

#1. Do not let him have a bath every single day

Being clean is good, but too clean is not good at all. Remember that his skin is very sensitive, so having a daily bath can dry the skin out leading to a higher risk of a skin rash and other conditions. Three times per week is enough for a newborn baby, and the frequency might increase as the kid grows and becomes mobile.

The 3 areas that need cleaning frequently are his face, his neck and his diaper area instead of the whole body. 

#2. Use warm water

Plenty of women thinks that infants should take a bath with hot water to make sure that he will get cold. It sounds logical, but not true! In fact, warm water, 37 – 38 degrees Celcius, comes highly recommended as your kid will not suffer from a big change in his body temperature and the bath water.

You can use a thermometer to check for accuracy. If you do not have it, test it by your elbow instead of gauging its temperature.

#3. Use a baby wash

For the first whole year, a baby cleanser is the best choice due to its formula which is devised to be very gentle and mild on the baby’ sensitive skin. Likewise, it is safe for his eyes.

#4. What do you need to prepare?

A baby wash and a bathtub are not enough to have a right bathing. And here are bare essentials you will need to prepare for your infant

  • A sink, of course. You need something to hold the bath water, right?
  • A warm space. The baby is not strong enough to deal with changes in the surrounding environment, especially differences in temperature after having a bath.
  • Good quality towels, blankets, and changing pads. These are for keeping your kid warm before and during you are changing clothes for him.
  • Baby moisturizing cream, anti-nappy rash cream, a diaper, and clothes.

You might think that the list is too much a little bit at first, but after you get used to it, bathing will not take you a lot of time.

#5. Morning is the ideal time

I know that parents are often busy in the morning, however, this the best period of time for your child to have a bath. Some cannot make it, so they choose the night before his bedtime. If you want to go for the evening, ensure that your baby will not get cold and you must wait for his tummy to relax to avoid a tummy upset.

#6. It is fine to share a bath

If you are confident you can handle everything like holding him, you can go for it, or wait until he is 2 months old. For the first few times, you should have somebody around to help you because it might be tricky, and after all, for safety reasons.
Additionally, you need to pay your whole attention to him. Therefore, having a bath in advance is much better as you all you have to do right now is cleansing his tiny body. 

#7. Bubble bath might not be good for your little child

Although there is a wide range of bubble bath products for newborn babies available in the market, they do not come highly recommended. Kids like to have bubbles in their bath, but this can cause painful urination due to urinary tract infection. Thus, consider carefully before making your decision.


Hope that 7 basic tips on how to take a bath for your baby today can make the motherhood much easier. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Finally, do not forget to like and share the useful advice with your friends.

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