Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Use A Nosefrida

Nothing is more important to a mother as providing her little one with comfort and the best hygiene. Mothers always want the best for their babies and would not be happy when their little ones suffer. Are you a mother and at one time your baby experienced a blocking nose? You don’t need to worry about this; all you need to solve your baby’s problem is a nosefrida.


A nosefrida is a nasal aspirator designed to remove mucous from the blocked noses of children with colds in a safe and simple way. You need to know some information on how to use the nosefrida in order for it to serve you in the required way.


The nosefrida is known to be the best and perfect Snotsucker from the baby products. Before you use a nosefrida, it is important to know the following information about it.

A nosefrida includes a red mouthpiece, a clear blue tube, a thin clear long tube and four filters. The mouthpiece is responsible for the comfort and ease when applied to the mouth. This is what a mother or an adult places in his or her mouth to suck the mucous out.

information about nosefrida


The clear tube which is always blue is where the mucous goes to. You should always make sure that it is properly closed before you start using it. The tip of this tube is always designed to prevent any contact with the mucous membrane even when it happens that the baby makes a rapid movement. This part should be cleaned thoroughly after use. In this tube is where the filter is placed since the top can be twisted to open it.

The filters help to keep the good hygiene. They are always in a combination of four. You are always advised to change filters after every use. This will ensure that you keep a good hygiene for both the nosefrida and the whole process of sucking the mucous out.

The fourth part is the long thin tube. This tube connects the mouthpiece and the top of the blue tube. This long thin tube should not be washed with hot water since doing so may damage it.

After mastering the functions of all the three parts, you are now able to connect them perfectly and make it ready for use.


When you want to use the nosfrida on your baby, make sure you elevate the baby’s head with a pillow to make the work easier. You can also make the baby sit on a bed or a table with the face-up. This will ensure that the nostril is placed in the correct position hence making it easier to see the mucous and suck it out.

Follow the steps below to help you use the nosefrida in the perfect way.

• Step One

Step One

Place your baby sit on a table or bed while his/her face faces up. Hold the baby in a position in which you tack their arms in while they are sitting. This helps to ensure a good position for carrying out the process.

• Step Two

Take the red nozzle of the nosefrida to your mouth. Place the opening of the nosefrida tube to the baby’s nostril and use your other hand to keep the head of the child to stand still. You should do this gently to avoid touching the nasal walls.

• Step Three

Gently apply the necessary suction. If in any case the mucous is crusty or very thick, you can apply saline solution then suck it out. You need not to worry about the possibility of mucous getting into your mouth as the filters are designed to prevent this. Filters also prevent the bacteria from getting into your mouth.

• Step Four

Clean the nosefrida after every single application. Disconnect the blue tube and then rinse it using hot water. You can also use washing up liquid, and then you let the tube to dry. Replace the filter and reconnect back the tube. Make sure you hear a click when you connect the tube with the blue hat.

• Step Five

Usually, the nosefrida comes packed in a specially designed case. In this case, the filters are always held out of reach of children. After using the nosefrida, make sure you pack the filters in this case to maintain its hygienic responsibility. This should be done after every use.

• Step Six

Ensure that you replace the filter after cleaning the nosefrida. The parts should be reconnected as they were before in order to make it ready to use again.

You should note that the nosefrida is only meant for extracting mucous from the child’s nose but not to be left for your baby to play with.


A nosefrida is very helpful in giving babies comfort but this does not mean that it has no side effects. As a mother, you need to take some cautions while using the nosefrida to avoid getting its negative impacts on your baby.

You need to take the following cautions.

  • ·Avoid sucking when the mucous is crusty or very thick, instead apply the saline solution to loosen the mucous and then suck. This ensures that the process is gentle and perfect.
  • You should take care while inserting the tip of the nosefrida into the baby’s nose. Ensure you do it gently to avoid pressing against the nasal walls.
  • In some instances, the baby may nose-bleed while you are carrying out the process. When this happens, or the baby becomes irritated, stop the process and talk to your paediatrician for assistance.
  • Avoid using a contaminated nosefrida on more than one child. This may lead to cross contamination and spread of germs. You should wash the nosefrida as instructed after every use. If possible, use different nosefridas per child, avoid sharing.


  • Easy to use: The nosefrida is easy to use while sucking the mucous out of the baby’s nose. It just involves a few steps which are easy to master in order to use it perfectly.
  • Gives the baby comfort: By sucking out the mucous using the nosefrida, the blockage of the nose is done away with. This helps to ensure that the baby breathes comfortably hence brings comfort.
  • Many users of nosefrida have recommended it to be a good thing. It gives the best way to suck out the mucous without causing nose bleeds to babies.
  • It is easy to clean: The nosefrida is easy to clean as some of its parts are removable. It is also made of a clear material which makes it easy to tell when it is clean.


A nosefrida is a very important item for mothers to use on their babies. It is very important to know how to use it so that it can serve you in the best way possible. If you master the parts and know how to clean and maintain it, it will work amazingly well for you. Mothers love their little ones, and they always want the best for them and this is why a nosefrida is a very necessary product to have. The nosefrida gives comfort to babies who will always leave you with a smile as a mother.

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