Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Use Swaddleme

Nothing feels as good to a mother as having a newborn. As a parent, it is natural that you will always want good things for your baby. This explains the reason why you need to follow all the required protocols to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable as she grows up.

Swaddleme is a very important baby requirement since it allows your baby to slumber peacefully throughout the night as it usually mimics the position of the baby in the womb.

Are you worried about how to use swaddleme? Are you also aware that at some stage you should stop swaddling the baby? If you don’t have enough idea on how to use swaddleme or doubt yourself concerning the usage of swaddleme, bid a goodbye to your worries. Here is the all of the information you need to know how to use a swaddleme.

What You Need To Know About Swaddling

For a great swaddle and comfort, you need to get the proper size of swaddleme for the baby as they always range from small to large sizes. The available sizes are small size for newborns, medium size and the large size.



It is also crucial to note that some of the swaddleme brands are machine washable while some are not, so you need to choose the one which you are comfortable with when used by your baby. This should not worry you because most of them are usually machine-washable and I bet most of you would like that.


To make work easier all you need to do is to navigate through the different types of swaddleme size charts. You should be in a position to identify the correct size for your baby and once you’ve done this, then it’s the great time for your baby to enjoy the cosiness and warmth of swaddling.

How To Use Swaddleme?

How to use swaddleme

Swaddleme is designed to hold the lower body of the baby within a pouch while the wrap’s top comprises of a larger right wing and to the left is a smaller wing, both of them wrap around the body of the baby while in use. Using the soft swaddleme requires some simple steps you need to follow as a parent in order to bundle your little one perfectly within it.

  • Step One
  • Step Two
  • Step Three
  • Step Four

Make sure you find a flat surface for carrying out the swaddling process. Clear away any materials that can be hazardous to the baby if she accidentally grabs them. This is to avoid accidents and make sure you carry out the process safely. Place the unfolded swaddleme on top of the clean flat surface. Now place the baby gently to lie on the flat swaddleme.

4 Steps on How to use swaddleme

You should also ensure that the swaddle fits snuggly over the baby’s chest for safety. If you follow this process, you will be able to do the swaddling in the correct way and make your baby comfortable.

You can watch a video on how to use swaddleme:

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Swaddling

How to use a swaddleme may be quite challenging to parents, but it is always important to master the swaddling technique. As a mother, you need to know the following things about swaddling to ensure your baby’s safety. This is because swaddleme has its benefits and risks as well.

• The do’s

  • Ensure that the baby is sleeping on the back while she is swaddled. This is simply to avoid the risk of suffocation and make sure the baby is comfortable.
  • Always use a light and breathable baby swaddleme.
  • Leave the baby’s arms free and swaddle only under his or her arms. This is usually in babies who seem to be more comfortable with their arms free.

• The don’ts

  • Do not cover the face of your little one as this poses the risks of suffocation which may lead to hypothermia, hip dysplasia or even decreased blood circulation.

A mother normally understands her baby so much and has the ability to recognise the baby's needs instinctively. You are the best judge on how to swaddle your baby to make him or her more comfortable while sleeping. Most swaddles are designed to allow for adequate leg movements and the soft cotton fabrics are gentle on the baby’s body.

Reasons For Swaddling Your Baby

Reduces The SIDS Risks


Many positive results show that swaddling reduces the rates of SIDS. Swaddling makes it difficult for your baby to cover up their face or head with the bedding inadvertently and also decreases their ability to flip over to their stomach. Both of these have been linked to the higher rates of SIDS to babies.

Is A Basis For Soothing To Babies


This may not be instant but after swaddling your baby, she will feel comfortable since the swaddleme is always soft and feels warm. This soothes the baby and mostly makes the baby fall asleep.

Gives A Better Sleep To Babies

Gives a better sleep to babies

Your newborns will sleep longer and better when you put them to sleep while swaddled. This is because swaddling prevents babies from keeping themselves awake due to random movements of their arms.

Babies are prone to taking short naps all throughout the day; our primary goal should be to ensure that we help them to settle and have a continuous longer sleep. Swaddling helps them to do that effectively.

Helps To Improve Neuromuscular Development

Helps to improve neuromuscular development

Most movements of your baby’s limbs are usually unintentional and also random. Immobilising their arms is very important since it helps them to develop better motor skills of organisation. For this reason, swaddling is very important, especially for premature babies.

Keeps The Baby Warm And Comfortable

Keeps the baby warm and comfortable

Most swaddles are always warm and soft. This helps to keep the baby at a good warm temperature which is better and healthy for them. When a baby is swaddled he feels comfortable and this is the best way for them to be especially while sleeping.

Final Words

It is very important for mothers to master the correct way of swaddling their babies. Parents always want the best for their little ones and swaddleme offers some of this wellbeing for them. They contribute a lot to the comfort of the babies and ensure theirsafety. If you master the best way and how to swaddle, your baby will always enjoy the benefits of swaddleme.

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