I Think I Got Pregnant From Pre-cum: How Is This Possible?

It makes perfect sense for many women to believe that they cannot get pregnant as long as their partner does not cum. It is for this reason that you may have taken the risk of having sex without protection.

The first time I heard the term pre-cum is when I was going through an online forum for women where someone asked, “How is it possible that I got pregnant from pre-cum?” According to the woman, she and her partner had been using the withdrawal method for two years without getting pregnant until out of nowhere she realized that she was pregnant.

I got pregnant from precum

Pre-cum, also known as pre-ejaculate occurs when a man is sexually aroused before he has an orgasm. The bulbourethral gland produces this clear and viscous fluid in a male’s body. It is always secreted whenever a man is ready for sex to clear the path for the sperm to travel through when ejaculation occurs. It is alkaline in composition so that it can neutralize any remnants of urine in the urethra since urine is acidic.

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This makes pre-cum very important as it enables sperms to have a safe and non-hostile path to travel in.

So Is It Possible To Get Pregnant From Pre-cum?

The short answer to this question is: Yes. However, the chances of this happening are very low, though possible. This is because the pre-cum may contain quite a few spermatozoa. A study that was conducted that sampled 27 men found that 41% of the men had sperm in their pre-cum. However, the amount of sperm present was very low. But that does not mean that pregnancy cannot occur, it just means that the chances of pregnancy occurring are low.

Reasons Why You Got Pregnant From Pre-cum

It is easy for you to get pregnant from pre-cum under the following conditions:

  • When you have intercourse during your unsafe days.
  • You are having sex while you are using the withdrawal method instead of using contraception.
  • Your partner ejaculated previously, and this is your second or more sexual intercourse in a day.

If the above conditions coincide, then chances of you getting pregnant are very high. If you are not planning to have kids anytime soon, you should choose the best contraception method for you.

When a man is sexually aroused, the pre-cum is released to help neutralize the acidity in the urethra. This pre-cum contains a certain quantity of sperms that are capable of fertilization. If the sexual intercourse is not your first in a day, a certain amount of sperms can remain in the urethra after your partner has ejaculated previously. This increases the possibility of conceiving as the sperms will be present in the subsequent secretions.

The withdrawal method, also known as coitus interruptus is not, therefore, an effective birth control method due to the risks of getting pregnant from pre-cum. Your man may also experience difficulty in catching the right moment before the onset of ejaculation as it will be hard for him to relax and experience the full pleasure of sex altogether.

What you should also be aware of is that if your partner is taking the little blue pills to enhance his sexual potential, they will be unable to control their ejaculation since the penis will be artificially erect. This will result in a large amount of pre-cum being introduced into the vagina. Your chances of conceiving from pre-cum will, therefore, increase dramatically and to make it worse, neither you nor your partner will know what is happening.


Accepting The Risks Of Getting Pregnant From Pre-cum

Prevention of unwanted pregnancies is far much better than abortion for so many reasons. If you take birth control pills, then there will be no chance of you getting pregnant from pre-cum. However, if you don’t want to be on birth control pills or you don’t want to use protection, then it is better that you chose a partner with whom you won’t be afraid to get pregnant from pre-cum. The easiest way you can secure yourself from getting pregnant from pre-cum is by using a contraceptive gel which is safe for your health.

contraceptive gel

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However, one thing that you should remember is that pre-cum can also transport many sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Penetration?

Get Pregnant Without Penetration

This question is mostly asked by teenagers and young women who want to avoid getting pregnant but still experiment intimacy. You may choose to get intimate with your partner without the need to have sex.

For all practical purposes, pregnancy cannot occur without penetration. However, there are some exceptions. Although they are rather unlikely, they are still technically possible. For example, if you are grinding with your partner while you are in your underwear, semen could seep through your underwear and get into contact with your vagina. As long as the semen is in contact with your vagina, then you are likely to get pregnant.

It’s even worse if you are grinding while nude. In case your partner ejaculates on your stomach or thighs, and the semen accidentally gains access to your vaginal canal, you could get pregnant.

The Takeaway

In one word, it is possible for you to get pregnant from pre-cum. This is because the pre-ejaculate may contain some spermatozoa that will get into contact with your vagina and make you conceive. It is important that you be aware that you cannot be completely sure that you won’t get pregnant if you and your partner use the withdrawal method to prevent pregnancy.

Most guys may also find it hard to withdraw in time as it's hard for them to tell exactly when they are going to ejaculate. Therefore, this is not a risk worth taking since pregnancy can occur even when the sperms get into contact with your vaginal opening.

To conclude, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, make sure that your partner puts on a condom if you don’t want to get pregnant since Pre-cum is not guaranteed to be sperm-free.

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