Improve Your Home Security With These 4 Simple Steps

There’s nothing more frightening than the idea of someone breaking into your home, going through your possessions and taking your hard earned property. Even more so if you have young children in the house; the pressure to keep everyone and everything safe can be pretty intense.

You might think that you need an expensive, state of the art alarm system, or maybe you should be investing in the latest home security apps…and while they’ll certainly give you peace of mind and ward away any potential thieves, did you know there are plenty of other ways you can increase the security around your home that won’t break the bank?

Unsure of where to start? Read on for 4 simple ways to boost your home security.

Invest In Some Good Signage

You might not have the latest alarm system on your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t say that you do. Studies have shown that putting up signs – check out – such as CCTV in operation, this property is alarmed or even Beware of the Dog, can make a potential thief think twice about trying to gain access. Do a little research and put up some signs around your property. They won’t cost the earth either!

Check Doors and Windows

Times have changed, which means that we no longer pop out to the shops and leave our front doors unlocked. But when was the last time you checked the quality of your doors and windows? A faulty window frame that could easily be broken, a back door that doesn’t lock properly, and a patio door that doesn’t close correctly. All of these are things burglars keep an eye out for when looking for a property to search. Check all of your doors, windows and their lock mechanisms – for example, do they have a deadbolt? And speak to your local locksmith about possibly upgrading your locks.

Don’t Keep Things On Display

You’re heading out for the afternoon, and you think nothing of leaving your lovely new laptop open on the dining room table. What’s the issue here? Well, spotting something of value in an empty property is sometimes all it takes for an opportunist thief to take a chance. We often see advertisements warning us not to leave valuables out in our cars…well the same applies to your home. Try to get into the habit of keeping your valuables out of sight, even if you’re just heading out for the school run.

Look After The Outside Of Your Property

If your front garden could do with a little TLC, if the area around your property is messy and unkept, with overgrown bushes, dead flowerbeds and grubby old window frames, then you need to act. If a home looks well looked after, then it means that someone is paying it close attention and is usually around during the day. So, trim those bushes (it leaves thieves with nowhere to hide), make your house look welled looked after and even consider introducing some lighting outside.

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