Is House Inspection The Same Thing As House Appraisal?

Traditionally, when you are considering buying and/or selling a house, you need to have your house appraised. An expert comes to the house, inspects it and then gives an estimate of the worth of the house.

However, you may have also heard about home inspection which seems to tick a lot of the same boxes as house appraisal. So, is there a difference and if so, what are those differences? Here is a rundown of the differences between the two coming from home inspection experts at The Inspectors Company.

Why Do I Need A House Appraisal?

House appraisal is particularly important when you have a buyer who is particularly difficult to work with and are very demanding when it comes to the information about the house. The same thing applies when you are the buyer; if you want to know as much about the house’s condition estimated value, a house appraisal is a good place to start.

What’s more, your bank or other loan company will likely require it from you before they approve a loan because they need to make sure that it is not overpriced. In this way, they are trying to ensure that they can recuperate their losses by selling your house even if you default on your loan.

What Is Included In House Appraisals?

There are numerous factors which go into the final appraisal of the house, most of which don’t concern the house itself. The location of the house is the most important factor, including the neighborhood, the crime rate in the area and the distance to important institutions like schools and government buildings.

 When it comes to the house itself, appraisers are fairly thorough and go through every aspect of the house, starting with the size and age, and moving on to things like aesthetic appearance and finally, its overall state compared to other houses of similar size and age sold in the area.

So, What’s The House Inspection About, Then?

House inspection is a lot more focused on the house itself, as opposed to the generalist approach of the house appraisal. Appraisers’ aim is to give you an estimate of the worth of your house, and they gather the data about the state of the house as a means, rather than a goal.

 On the other hand, house inspectors have the goal to inform you about the state of the house and is a lot more useful to the buyer and the seller. From the house inspector’s report, both parties can get a much clearer picture about the actual state of the house, as well as potential future problems which should be addressed before they cause any real damage.

What Does A House Inspection Include?

A house inspection is focused on the house itself and the general state of it. At the end of the inspection, you will be given a report by the inspector about what was inspected, the findings as well as some potential current and future issues which require your attention.

Some of the things which are looked at as a part a house inspection include the foundations and the structural integrity of the house, all of the windows and doors and the supporting walls to ensure that the house is safe. Once that part is done, the roof and the chimney are inspected as well, both for leaks and for structural integrity.

All of the plumbing and water mains are included in the inspection, too. If the house comes equipped with the HVAC systems, these are checked as well in order to ensure that they function properly, along with all the ducts and the thermostat. Finally, the electrical installations of the house are inspected for faults and even the appliances which come with the house are tested.

 There are many other, smaller items on the extensive inspection list, which will all be included in the report. This report will tell you about the state of each individual item on the list, as well as potential repair and remediation options which the inspector recommends.  

Which One Should I Get?

Ideally, you will want to do both of these, since they have a different purpose. While a house appraisal is very detailed and thorough, it focuses on the financial aspect of the matter, whereas a house inspection tells you a lot more about the house than you can see with your eyes only.

Even though these may seem like a bit excessive spending of your money, particularly at a time when you are expected to sink in a huge sum in a house, these simple procedures can actually save you from a catastrophic mistake by pointing out some hidden flaws which would end up costing you a lot more than the inspection itself.

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