4 Steps To Keep Baby Safe, Sound, And Comfortable At Night

When setting up a nursery, you have many important decisions to think about. You may be feeling overwhelmed with choices, especially if you are a first-time parent. But you can take four easy steps to help your baby get a good night's sleep. Knowing your baby is safe and comfortable all night can help you get a great night's sleep, too.

When deciding on the correct temperature for a nursery, use your own body as an indicator. If you think the temperature is too hot or too cold so will your baby.

Temperatures between 62 and 72 degrees F. in the nursery can keep your baby comfortable through the night. If the room is too warm, consider using a fan to cool down the room. The fan will help circulate air, provide white noise which may help your baby sleep, and reduce the risk of SIDS. Never put heaters or air conditioning units in a nursery.

Use A Safe Crib, Mattress, And Bedding

Make sure you put the crib together properly, with no missing or broken pieces. Check that you don't have areas where a baby's body could become caught or trapped, such as large gaps in the slats or cutouts in the headboard or footboard. Drop-side cribs are illegal to use in the United States and Canada.

The mattress should be firm, tight-fitting, and topped with a fitted crib sheet. Do not use pillows, quilts, or padded bumper pads inside the crib. Keep stuffed animals out as well.

Consider using an appropriately sized sleep sack for your baby. These sacks are easy to use over a sleeper and will not tangle around your baby. Swaddle blankets are recommended only until the baby is able to roll over.

Protect Against Allergens

Wash your baby's bedding in hot water and with scent-free detergent to reduce the risk of allergens in the nursery. Curtains and carpets or rugs in your baby's room should be washed regularly as well.

Change the air filters in your air conditioner and heater at least every three months to help keep them functioning efficiently. Remember to invest in HVAC system maintenance to clean out debris.

Control The Lighting

Your baby will sleep better through the night if you can dim the lights and keep out sunlight when it's time for bed or a nap. Blackout shades for the window and a dimmer switch for the lights are easy updates to your nursery. Darkening the room can help establish a bedtime routine and allow your baby to sleep longer.

Keeping your baby comfortable will help both of you sleep through the night. A safe bed and a warm, dark room free of allergens are the best items to provide in your nursery to make sure your baby gets a better night's sleep. A well-rested baby is a happy baby, which makes happy parents, too.

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