Top 20 Ideas For Young Mothers With A Passion For Knitted Fabric

The beauty of DIY products is that they bring the best out of your unimaginable imaginations as you do what you love. If you love knitting fabrics, here are some ideas to make your cute kids a playing item for a memorable childhood. You would not have to break a bank either.

1. DIY child swing

Here is a DIY child swing to soothe your kid’s emotions while in the comfort of the house. The structure also keeps her safe from toppling over, although kids do look cuter when they topple while having fun.

2. EASIEST Baby Doll

Kids simply adore dolls. Scientists may still be trying to figure out why. How about you make your princess this easiest baby doll that she will definitely not want to leave behind?

3. DIY Activity Gyms

DIY Activity Gyms are a cheaper way of getting Prince Jon to develop the essential motor skills. The acts of getting this and that helps kids’ muscles to become more adept to the physical needs in future.

4. Ruffle Fabric Flowers for princes

Ruffle Fabric Flowers for princes, Yeah! Get your Princes to buzz every playtime with these amazing “flowers.” When you pin one of these to her clothes, you should worry about convincing her to change the clothes. Oh wait, you can just pin the other better looking one to her fresh clothes.

5. Plantable Felt Garden Box

As the loving mum that you are, it is an absolute joy to watch your kid grow up with the same passion as you. Say you love gardening; wouldn’t you want your kid to cultivate the same culture as she grows up? This DIY Planteable Felt Garden brings out the gardener in Princess Kate

6. Travel Diaper Changing pad and Clutch

This DIY Travel Diaper Changing pad and Clutch is a relief for new moms who travel a lot. No more inconveniences of having to look for a spot to change your bundle of joy’s diapers when he does his business in awkward places. It is easy to make, clean and carry.

7. Baby changing mat pattern

Babies have a very limited set of activities. They are good at Screaming, feeding, sleeping and well and Pooping. But we still love them, don’t we? A changing mat helps you sort out the mess without messing other places. This baby changing mat pattern is available in two patterns so you can sew the one that suits you most.

8. Fabric Bows

Don’t you just love rounded fabric bows? They look really beautiful when you add a lace of stretchy headbands to it. When you tie this little gem around the head of your girl, she becomes more of a Princess.

9. Floor Pillows

DIY Floor pillows are a great addition to your collection of baby products. Whether it is for a newborn or slightly grown kids, floor pillows form the best way of chilling with your baby on the floor. Lying on the bed can become boring at times even for kids.

10. DIY No-Scratch Baby Mittens

It is always irresistible to hold babies’ hands. Everybody who comes to visit you always wants to “aww” and “ooh” over your lovely treasure’s hands. And then there is this tendency of your baby to poke her hands where she shouldn’t. Keep those hands safe, soft and gentle as always with this DIY No-Scratch Baby Mittens.

11. boho baby romper pattern

Imagine your baby rocking in a boho baby romper that you have just sewed up yourself. You have the freedom to choose the patterning that you want and the type of laces to go with it.

(From See Kate Sew)

12. DIY Cloth Diaper

When it comes to buying diapers, there are times when some moms get it wrong. You are stuck with oversized diapers that you would not attempt to put on your baby. This DIY Cloth Diaper gives you the flexibility of sewing something that fits perfectly and is washable too.


The sheet on your baby’s crib affects how well and much sleep she gets. She will not get much sleep in a lousily made bed sheet. To get around this, how about you tailor make a crib sheet specifically for her? It is only you who knows what makes her happy.

14. Fabric Baby Doll Basket

There is something about kids and dolls or ‘babies’ as they prefer to call them. There are just no superlatives to describe their mutual feeling. To make your girl more occupied with her girls, sew her a fabric baby doll basket to protect her family just as you do.

(From Make It)

15. DIY Pacifier Clips

Just as you are about to leave for a walk with your baby, you remember that you haven’t picked the baby’s pacifiers. Damn things get lost when you need them. DIY Pacifier clips prevent them from dropping or getting lost when you are in a hurry.

16. 5-Minute Gift Bags

Gift bags come in handy when going to visit a new mom and you need a classy way to carry some light stuff for her. They are so appealing that she might fall in love with the bag instead of the gifts. Better still, they are very easy to make within a very short time.

17. DIY Nursing pads

Nursing pads can be troublesome at times, quite literally. Some disposable ones are itchy, some do not absorb moisture quite well and some are not washable. What if you could tailor make a superabsorbent nursing pad that meets all of the above conditions. This is one idea worth checking out.

18. DIY Vintage Fabric Kites

Our moms normally pass down some of their vintage fabrics to us when we get to the right age. Sometimes they can be too much such that you lack what to do with them. How about you make vintage fabric kites to decorate your little one’s room to occupy her imagination when you are busy. That angel will be too concerned staring at the walls and won’t bother about screaming.

19. Laminated Cotton Cupholder

During summer, even the strictest of mums give in to the demands of thirst and bring along a drink or water. The bad news is, strollers are not always fitted with cup holders to keep you and the baby’s drink in place. Look no further as you can make one yourself out of laminated cotton.

(From Sew Cando)

20. A Quiet book

It reaches a point where Toys, dolls and such like stuff do not interest your kid anymore. He needs something more ‘grown-up.' A Quiet book is the perfect solution. This gives him interest especially if he is about to start school. You can then fill this book with the kind of drawings and patterns that interest him.

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