How To Make Money Working From Home While Pregnant

When you become pregnant, and even after you give birth, it’ll be difficult for you to go back to work. This situation holds even so much more truth especially when there are conditions in your pregnancy that force you to stay home even before your maternity leave starts. The good news is, however, you can find some of the best jobs for a pregnant stay at home moms to make money while carrying your child. Here’s how:

1. Review Music Online

Do you love listening to music? Does music calm you down, especially when your pregnancy can get a little bit exhausting? The good news is you can actually earn an income from listening to music by reviewing what you listen to. Many websites on the Internet offer music review jobs for those who are interested, such as Slicethepie.

2. Answer Online Surveys

If you’re always on your mobile phone or tablet, you can use all this wasted time to be more productive by answering surveys online. Although the income is quite small, the process also is quite easy, and if you can convince yourself to answer a particular number of surveys a day, you can slowly make your way to earning cash. Plus, you can do this work anytime. You can be productive while on your mobile phone as you’re paid to answer surveys.

To find out more information on different possibilities like this to earn money, you can check out resource websites such as and chat with others in the forums.

3. Write a Blog

Have you long wanted to document your pregnancy? Now is an excellent time for you to start your very own parenting blog. If you are the type who enjoys writing on journals or writing any content whatsoever, then this type of home-based job is right for you. Blogging has seen quite a widespread increase in popularity over the years, and if you just put in all the hard work and effort, soon enough, you might earn even more than your daytime job allows you to.

4. Work As A Virtual Assistant

There are numerous companies worldwide that are offering virtual assistant jobs, especially for women like you, who have or wish to earn an income while being at home. It is the trend these days for companies to outsource virtual assistants or customer service representatives, especially if they need a number of you, but don’t have space for a physical office yet.

The great thing about working as a virtual assistant or customer service representative from home is you also have control over your working hours. When you first deliver your child, the first month will be a hectic one, and you will want to have so much control over what hours in the day you can work and what hours you can’t make it to work.

The only requirement is for you to ensure that you have a fast and well-functioning Internet connection.

5. Book Flipping

This may surprise you, but you actually can make money working from home, just by selling your old used books. Flipping books is a great way to make a full-time income while being at home. The main benefit is that you don't need to invest much in it and can earn a full-time income. Choose an online marketplace where you can list your old books for sale. Make sure you describe books as accurately as possible. When listing your books for sale, post awesome pictures and let the marketplace take care of the rest. People are always looking for books at lower prices. This can get your objective accomplished quickly and effectively.

6. Place Some Bets

If you are interested in sports, good with numbers, and willing to put plenty of time into researching, you could use your zoome casino coupon and try sports betting to make some extra money. Sports betting is a mixture of both luck and skill. Some people may find that they have been very lucky with a few games, but it's worth bearing in mind that luck always runs out in the end. For that reason, never bet more than you are willing to lose.

Skill is what can help you to win more consistently, which is where the need for patience and the ability to research comes in. There are numerous online betting sites, for instance, sports betting tennessee offers a guide to the best online sportsbooks in Tennessee. 

7. Work As A Telemarketer Or Cold Caller

What is the job of a telemarketer or a cold caller? Your primary task is to make a phone call to a list of contacts that your employer is going to give you. The purpose of your call is to try and market the products and services of the company that you are working for. Your base salary will be counted by the number of hours that you perform, but on top of that, you can also earn a commission for every product that you sell or deal that you close.

8. Download And Install Apps

Did you know that some companies can pay you to install their apps? When you first install an app, you already earn your first profit. This amount is set to increase, depending on the number of months that you have saved the app, or used the same. Apart from earning cash, you can also earn freebies and gift cards, depending on the specific products they have up for grabs during each market research period.

Examples of applications that pay you to download their apps include:

  • ShopTracker
  • MobileXpression

9. Be A Content Writer Or Editor

One of the most common jobs for moms online is to work as a freelance writer or editor. If you have previous writing experience, then this job is perfect for you. Often, even if you do not have the experience, for as long as writing content and editing is your hobby, then some companies can accept you, too. The only difference between content writing and blogging is that when you are blogging, the website you are maintaining is yours, and you get to choose what topics to write about. If you are going to work as a content writer, it is your company that will give you topics to write about every time you report for work.


Although you are still getting paid during your maternity leave, sometimes, being forced to stay at home while waiting for the baby to come out can be difficult and boring. Hence, these work-from-home jobs not only provide you with a steady income, but they also give you a sense of accomplishment by still being able to perform a job. Plus, all that extra money you earn would also be great to help defray the expenses of having a newborn, and perhaps let you enjoy the baby shopping a little bit more. If working from home is not your forte, and you’d love to spend that idle time to study instead, there are also study-at-home opportunities for moms like you.

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