Mom’s Best Unique And Sometimes Funny Ways Of Showing Her Love And Care

Maternal instinct. The impulse to love and care for the child is innate in mothers.

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study, conducted by a group of researchers in Tokyo on a number of mothers, showed different brain patterns as reaction to when their babies cry, smile or laugh. The scan results suggested that particular circuits in the brain activated when they distinguished the cries and smiles of their own babies from those of the others’. Also noted was the more intense response of the mother to when the child cries than when he smiles or laughs. The study concluded that maternal instinct is hardwired in the mother’s brain.

A mother would do just about anything and everything to protect her child. She even sacrifices her own pleasures and happiness just to ensure her child’s wellness and future. Changing diapers and feeding the baby are known maternal duties, but there’s more to it that mothers do which deserves to be commended for the unique, and sometimes funny ways they show their love and care for their child.

1. Moms Are The Best Psychics

They know when the baby is hungry, wet or just wanting to be cuddled. They even feel when their child feels happy or sad, and when some strange things occur, moms are the very first persons to know — even without being told.

2. Moms Are The Best Nurses And Doctors

Moms are able to discern when the baby is not feeling well. By just touching the baby’s neck or forehead with a bare hand, they would know if the child is feverish or not; and just by a little tap on the baby’s tummy, they know if he’s bloated or just needs to burp.

3. Moms Are The Best Designers

By just looking at onesies, booties or just about any baby stuff, they would know if it’s a perfect fit for their child or not. And they have this funny habit of keeping some baby clothes and stuff at home, or at some self storage, which they aim to show to their kids when they grow up.

4. Moms Are The Best Singers And Dancers

They sing lullabies, and even compose songs to put their babies to sleep, and teach kiddos to dance even when they themselves are without rhythm.  

5. Moms Are The Best Authors And Storytellers

They would tell their kids stories of their births, but would come up with funny answers when asked by kids how they were born, like “mom and dad had too much love for each other, so you were born”.

Mothers are just so amazing. At times a mother just needs not to do anything but stay still, lie down beside her child, stare and get lost in time while wrapping her arms around them and hum a lovely tune that only she and her child understand — a priceless moment of love and care that no words can describe, no narrative can explain but is felt by the heart.

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