Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: What is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro cold Brew Coffee in recent years has gained a lot of popularity but the key question is what it is? Nitro coffee is an innovation in coffee making which was first made in 2012.

It is basically cold brew coffee which has been infused with a compound known as nitrogen to give it a smooth texture. The nitrogen infused makes it less acidic mainly because of the brewing style and also enhancing the smoothness.

The reason why nitrogen is preferred in the coffee is because it does not change the original taste of the coffee, the only thing which changes is the texture. The reason for this is because nitrogen naturally doesn’t dissolve in beverages and thus it tends to create smaller bubbles which further enhances the taste of the beverage while maintaining its authenticity.

The process of making the Nitro cold brew coffee is very meticulous and involves a series of steps which have to be followed to get the best quality. It begins with Nitros coffee which are well grounded, the brewing process is delicate as it can last for hours typically 12-24 hours to ensure the quality is not compromised.

The brewing process is preferably done at room temperature or cold temperature. Once this is done the cold brew is mixed and then its directed to the nitrogen generator where it is mixed with nitrogen using a pressurized valve. Once this is done it's put into a dispensing machine or keg container. These steps ensure reduction of acidity and also increases the level of caffeine making it preferable for those who love caffeine.

The nitro brewed coffee has exploded with popularity because of the fact that it brings something new and innovative into the coffee industry.  The other factor which has made people fall in love with the Nitro coffee is its black color which is quite appealing. The dispensing machine due to the pressurized valve creates that creamy effect which many people love.

Apart from the color and the creamy effect, nitro coffee has that silky taste and for any coffee lover this is the best taste you can ever wish for. There are claims that nitro coffee is much healthier than any other kind of coffee because of the use of nitrogen as it reduces the need to add sugar. The fact that taste is not compromised even with the use of nitrogen is a huge plus for the drink and that is why many coffee places are even offering it on tap.

The Nitro cold brew coffee is best served chilled and there is no limitation as you can choose how you want to take it. Those with a sweet tooth can choose to have it enriched with vanilla or sweet cream. There those who would preferred it straight up and those who would preferred it poured over ice. The bottom line of the nitro cold brew coffee is the visual appeal and the taste which many coffee lovers find very irresistible.

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