Patio Covers For Mobile Homes

You can attach a roof or some patio to cover a deck in the homes. If you have a mobile home and you do not know how it is built, then you must not attach anything to it. This article is for the people who have the conventionally made wood framed homes.

 It might not apply to mobile and modern homes. The reason is that there is very small roof trust that you have while you do some repair things or maybe adding a patio Royal Covers to it. It apparently works if the ceiling does not sag, the roof does not sag, and you can walk up on the roof that is stronger than you would have in the mobile homes.

So, if you do not know how the roof is constructed, then the tips that we use for the conventionally made wooden homes might not do anything useful to you. Therefore, it is suggested, in case you do not know how it is built, to build something that won’t be attached to your mobile home.

Flat Frame

You can build something with four by four post. The frame could be flat, as you like it. This is the one thing that you can do. It is a little farther away from the existing roof. However, the amount of water or the snow coming through it is meager.

Sloppy Frame

There is something that you can do, that is not seen a lot, is that you can have a sloping roof on the4 by four posts. You can hang it over the existing roof. This will reduce the amount of water that would come through this side if it rains or may be snowing.

You can keep it lower, that is, closer to the existing roof. Almost 6 inches distance is recommended. Through this opening, you can put something to block the rain and snow. This is very simple that you can do with your homes very quickly, with least expenses.

However, if you do know how the home is constructed, then you can do a little more modification in this frame. If not, then this is not a bad idea to just to build something that is free standing and not going to put any additional weight the structure of the mobile home.

Also, a structure like this is weak. You can walk up and push it; you will see that you can move the whole structure. If this happens, then you must add additional reinforcements to it. You might needan additional wall or some more posts on it. You can attach things to your mobile home also, but, when the strong winds will come in then will not only rips the patio frame away but the connected part of your mobile home too.

So, it is concluded that making additions to mobile homes is a very critical step. It needs you proper planning and research for making that particular change that you want to add to it. Expert advice is essential before deciding anything.

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