Want the Perfect Playroom for Your Child? 6 Tips for Getting the Design Right

A lot of new moms struggle to create a playroom for their kids that will look organized and fun while still remaining a usable and exciting place for the children to be.

A common problem that they come across is trying to find a happy medium between clean and enjoyable. In general, a sort of organized chaos is necessary for the perfect playroom.

With these six tips, you will be able to create a playroom that does not make you lose your sanity and that your children will love to be in.

1. Paint Color and Lighting

The color that you choose for the playroom will make a huge difference in the overall look of the room.

With bright, colorful walls and quality painting supplies, you can bring life to a room and make it a pleasant space to play in.

You should embrace natural light as well because a playroom in the dark is unsafe and not very appealing. If it isn’t possible to get lots of natural light in, soft or warm lighting from lamps can also give the room an inviting vibe (and maybe send them off for a nap…).

2. Leave Plenty of Floor Space

A common mistake in playrooms is cramming too much in one area. Parents will often inadvertently make a room look unorganized by stuffing in unnecessary toys that their children never use.

There is no need to try to fit every toy in the room, so instead stick with the larger toys that will need lots of space to spread out (i.e. Legos, doll houses, and train sets).

3. Ask the Kids

Ask your kids their opinion on design and toy options in their new playroom. They are the ones who will be spending the most time in there after all!

The worst thing that can happen when you create a playroom for your kids is for them to not use it because it does not really feel like theirs. You can prevent this by allowing your kids to help out in the design to make it feel like their own.

4. Cubbies

Cubbies, drawers, and shelves are heaven-sent for parents with playrooms. Keep the room neat by including drawers and shelves that the smaller toys can go inside of.

 For those with multiple children, you can name the cubbies. It’s a great way to keep the room organized, and it will also prevent fights over toys.

5. Don’t Forget the Furniture

While it is not likely that your toddlers will need a full-sized couch in their playroom, it is a good idea to get small chairs and tables for arts, crafts, and coloring. Look for an option that does not take up a lot of room but has a lot of space on the tabletop.

Along with craft tables, bean bags and small chairs are always a great and timeless idea for playrooms.

6. Allow Room for Growth

Your kids won’t be this young forever, and this means that baby animal wallpaper will not always intrigue them in the way that it does now.

Keep the overall room timeless so that you don’t have to keep renovating the whole playroom as your kid grows up. Keep a neutral but bright wall color that can stay the same for a while. Also opt for small decorations and knickknacks that are age appropriate for the time being instead.

Designing a playroom in your home can be a little daunting. Especially since you are dealing with a room in your house that will get disorganized at times.

However, with these six tips on creating the perfect playroom for your little ones can enjoy and grow up with the space. It won’t take an interior designer to make the room look organized and fun.

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