Pregnancy & Car Accidents: What You Need to Know

Car accidents can be traumatic at any time, but they are especially concerning if you’re pregnant. As well as potentially sustaining serious injuries yourself, you’ll also be worried about the health of your unborn child and the impact that a collision could have on them. To learn more, take a look at these five essential tips for dealing with car accidents when you’re pregnant.

1. Always Wear a Seatbelt

Many people assume that you shouldn’t wear a seatbelt when pregnant as the pressure of the belt could harm the baby if a crash occurs. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration advises that all pregnant women should wear a seatbelt when traveling in a vehicle but they should adjust the way they wear safety restraints. Keeping the belt below your belly and across your chest will provide protection in the event of an accident while reducing the risk of harm to your baby.

2. You’re More Likely to Be Involved in an Accident

You might be surprised to learn that you’re more likely to be involved in a car accident when you’re pregnant. A study in Canada concluded that pregnant women are 42% more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident that required an ER visit. While the reasons for this remain unclear, it could be due to the physical symptoms of pregnancy contributing to distracted driving or it may be that pregnant women are more likely to seek medical care following a collision.

3. Medical Care Is Essential

If you’re pregnant and involved in any type of car accident, it’s essential to seek medical care as quickly as possible. While you may not have sustained noticeable injuries in a relatively minor car accident, you won’t know if your baby has been affected unless you seek medical assistance. Due to this, it’s important to seek medical advice after any type of crash, including minor accidents and fender benders.

4. Transportation Accidents Contribute to Maternal Deaths

According to recent statistics, 9% of maternal deaths in Pennsylvania over 12 months were caused by transportation accidents. Furthermore, a significant number of pregnant women also sustained survivable yet serious injuries due to car accidents. While it isn’t always possible to prevent collisions, taking extra care on the road could help to keep you safe.

5. You Could Be Entitled to Claim Compensation

If you’re injured due to a collision that wasn’t wholly your fault, you could be eligible to claim compensation. In addition to this, a personal injury lawyer could help you to claim compensation on behalf of your baby too. When an unborn child is injured or tragically killed due to a crash, legal action can’t diminish the trauma, but financial compensation can help you to cope with the aftereffects.

Dealing with a Car Accident when You’re Pregnant

Don’t underestimate the emotional impact that a car accident can have, especially when you’re carrying a child. As well as seeking practical, legal, and medical help with regard to any physical injuries you and your baby have sustained, be sure to prioritize your emotional well-being too and seek additional help if you need to.

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