Pregnancy Journey: The Mind-Body Connection

Many women concentrate on their ovulation schedule, diet and temperature when trying to conceive a baby. While these things are essential, it’s better to focus on how your body connects to the mind. It is unfortunate how we allow everybody to tell us what should go into our bodies and what shouldn’t. We follow all these outside measures because we crave for validation and confirmation, and eventually we end up not getting the baby we want so badly. You know why this happens? We lack the necessary energy.

Energy And Fertility

While energy is mostly overlooked with regards to how fertile a woman is, it plays a significant role. Energy makes a big difference to women who want to get pregnant. You need to connect to your intuition to sustain positive energy and yield the results you want.  The law of attraction in nature states that like energy attracts like energy.

If you are always thinking about how you should get pregnant soon and how you are running out of time, it might never happen. When you are anxious over conceiving, you attract negative and desperate energy, and the universe answers accordingly; by sending negativity your way. Regardless of how many times you recite the mantra of “I am positive it will happen,” yet inside you, it’s all like “Oh! god, what if I don’t conceive?” , the universe will answer to the latter.

How To Fortify Your Mind-Body Connection

1. Create A Mantra That Echoes

Even though you do not feel a mantra fully, the more you say it, the more you believe it and the more it becomes part of you. Following the law of attraction, positivity almost always breeds positivity. Try mantras like:

  • My body and I are a team
  • I am worthy of being pregnant
  • I trust my body to give me all the good things under the sun
  • My body is capable of conceiving a child

To make the mantras highly effective, you can buy some stick pads, write the mantra on the leaflets and post them all over. Have some in your car, office, and house. Whenever you see it, say it and focus your energy on the message until your body registers it. That is when and how things will start shifting. With time, you will move from a desperate place of need and into calm and progressive energy.

2. Stop Policing Your Body

Your body understands and is fully capable of getting you the baby you have been longing to have. So, stop monitoring your cervical mucus, the ovulation sticks, weight, and temperature. Allow your body a month’s break from all these and listen to what it is telling you. Watch out for the signs from your body, and only then will you start experiencing the magic. It's easy to know when you are ovulating or when something is not right by merely listening to your body. Take time to breathe with your eyes closed and listen to your entire system.

3. Understand That Stressful Thoughts Are Merely Thoughts

Remind yourself that opinions can be changed any time you desire, and so can your thoughts. Never try to skip from “I cannot get pregnant” to “I will conceive this month.” It is tough to go from a negative state of mind to a positive one within a short time. Instead, work on taking baby steps and figuring out what is right for your body at the moment. If you are having a challenging time, try taking a supplement to ease the process. Before you realize, you will have shortened the gap and now working from a positive level. You can check this out:

The Relaxation Effect

One of the biggest wins that come with increased knowledge of the mind-body connection is that you discover a perfect remedy for the negative effects of depression and stress. This is known as the relaxation effect.

You can induce the relaxation effect naturally into your system. When activated, the response results in a decrease in metabolic activity, heart rate, and breathing rate. It calms the mind in an untold way that eventually breeds positivity considerably. It gives a result opposite to what happens during the fight for flight response.    

Women who are using fertility medication show signs of anxiety and depressive disorders. That is why fertility clinics are starting to include training on the body-mind connection as part of the treatment. While research is ongoing, there are lots of positive responses from women who are learning to listen to their bodies more while trying to get pregnant.

Nobody will ever understand you more than you do. Sometimes all it takes to “move the mountain” is a leap of faith and linking up our minds to our bodies. Remember that the whole of you is in this battle together, and you will come out strong when working as a team. All the best as you plan on getting pregnant. Cheers!  

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