13 Questions Every Pregnant Woman Asks

Whilst pregnancy is an exciting time, it is also full of nervous anticipation. The best way to combat these nerves is to research and educate yourself on what to expect during pregnancy and after. This way you can eliminate those little surprises that keep us guessing are;

1. Have I Gained Too Much Weight?

Weight is always a sensitive issue in particular when you are pregnant.

Regular health care check ups will help to monitor your weight gain throughout your pregnancy. Should there be an issue your health care provider will bring this to your attention.

TIP: Eating healthy and exercising regularly is the best way to combat excessive weight gain. Avoid sitting on the sofa all-day and munching on sugary or high fat foods.

2. Do I Need A Maternity Bra?

The short answer is yes. Maternity bras are designed differently from mainstream bras. They will provide you with greater levels of support and comfort.

Features include:

  • check
    Top cup stretch to allow for small amounts of breast growth
  • check
    ​​​​Cotton lined cups for comfort and allow the skin to breath
  • check
    Flexible wire is soft and will move freely with the body
  • check
    6 hooks and eyes on the back band to allow for adjustment as the rib cage expands
  • check
    Wide, strong supportive back band for added support
  • check
    Reinforced straps for added strength and durability
  • check
    Fully adjustable straps
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    Strong supportive fabric and accessories

Purchase your first maternity bra at approx. 6 weeks of pregnancy. By this stage you should have noticed an increase in your bust size. Purchase a good quality seamless bra. Seamless bras will stretch and grow with your changing body. They will provide support without restriction.

At approx. 3 months of pregnancy when your breasts have stabilized invest in a few cupped sized bras. Cupped sized bra will provide you with greater support. This is essential due to the increase in your breast weight.

NOTE: We recommend getting fitted for your bras by a professional bra fitter, as your breasts will have grown tremendously over the first 3 months.

Wearing a correctly fitted bra is essential for good breast health.

3. What Type Of Birth Should I Have?

This is entirely up to you. We are all unique and as individuals we react to situations differently.

Choose the option that makes you feel most comfortable and relaxed. It is important that you are 100% sure of your choice and that you trust in the methods.

Options to consider: Hospital delivery room, water birth, home birth, and a vaginal birth, C-section, drug free, epidural, hypnobirth.

TIP: Be open to change. Sometimes births do not go according to plan. There can become complications and in the best interest of mother and baby an alternative method may need to be used.

Do your research and ask plenty of questions. Familiarize yourself with the process so that you understand the stages and what to expect during each stage.

TIP: Keep fit and eat well. Regular exercise will help to develop a strong fit body, which will aid in the birth. Not only will your body be physically stronger, it will also have more endurance and help enable a natural birth.

5. Will I Have An Immediate Connection With My Baby After Birth?

For most women this is the case. They will experience an overwhelming love and be overcome with emotion.

Some women however, do not have this same connection immediately. It is important to understand that we are all different and having a child is an incredibly overwhelming experience. Some women will take time to connect and a loving bond will be developed over time.

TIP: Should you feel a complete disconnect with your child and begin to develop negative feelings towards him or her, it is advised to seek medical advice immediately, as you could be suffering from a condition such as Postnatal Depression.

6. How Long Will It Take To Recover After Birth?

This is dependent on the type of birth you have and your physical state.

A fit healthy body will bounce back quite quickly after a natural birth. You will experience bleeding and some women will feel uncomfortable and tender due to tearing. It is advised to keep the area clean, by changing your pads often and washing the area to prevent infection.

Numbing creams can be purchased to help with the pain.

Women will take much longer to recover from a C-section. A woman’s hospital stay is longer and movement is slower to begin with. The healing process and pain experienced is much greater than that of a vaginal birth.

TIP: Listen to your body. Take all the time you need. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

7. Is Breastfeeding Painful?

It can be to start with. A combination of engorged breasts, cracked nipples and let down can be painful to start with. Don’t let this put you off though. The pain is generally short lived. Once your body learns to regulate its milk supply and your nipples harden, it will become second nature! Breastfeeding is a wonderful gift that only you can offer your child.

TIP: Everybody’s breastfeeding journey is different. Do not be hard on yourself. Be patient and enjoy the experience.

8. How Often Should I Breastfeed My Newborn?

The general practice is to feed on demand.

To begin with your baby will take a long time to feed. He or she may often fall asleep on the breast and need waking up regularly to continue feeding.

Newborn babies are not very effective at breastfeeding to start so it can feel like you are constantly feeding them.

As your baby becomes a more efficient feeder, he or she will feed less often.

It is important to remember that your body is producing the food that your newborn baby will consume. What you put into your body is generally what baby will receive in the form of milk.

Make smart choices, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and do not consume things that are not beneficial to your baby’s well-being.

10. Are Pelvic Floor Exercises Essential?

Absolutely. Take the time early on to do pelvic floor exercises. They are very important and should not be ignored.

TIP: Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on our bodies. Strengthening it will help to avoid postnatal problems such as leakage, when sneezing, running, jumping and or laughing etc.

11. How Long I Need To Wait Before Having Sex?

There is no exact specified time to wait. It is however, important to wait until all the bleeding has stopped and any stitches have healed.

It may take some time before you and your partner return to a normal sex life, due to the tireless schedule a baby keeps.

TIP: Be open with your partner and discuss your feelings and needs. This way you are less like to feel pressured into having sex earlier than you would like.

12. Can I Hold My Baby Too Much?

The short answer is no. Babies want to be loved and held. Holding your baby will make him or her feel safe and secure.

Invest in a sling or carry pouch. This way you can hold your baby close and get on with your daily tasks without disruption.

13. Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

It is important to remember that all babies are different and you should not compare them with each other. Some babies will sleep through the night early on, while others take up to 1 year.

How long a baby will sleep will depend on a number of factors which include; if he or she is breastfed or bottle feed, temperature of the room, reflux or any other medical conditions, sleep or bedtime routine, use of a pacifier, still or restless sleeper etc.

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