Preparing Home For Baby’s Arrival

Whether you just had a baby or your due date for delivery is imminent, it could be exciting starting your own family or growing one. You get the precious opportunity of bringing a new life into the world and paying attention to them as they grow up. But as a mother, parenting could seem like a laborious task — you’ll need to bath or wipe your little angel daily, breastfeed and/or bottle-feed them at regular intervals, watch over them every now and then, and carry out other duties that every nursing mom would usually do.

You can take solace in knowing that many moms have had similar experience before you, and now they cannot imagine how their life would have been without experiencing the joy that is called motherhood. To make your job easier and prepare your home for the arrival of the newest member of your family, we have provided some tips below

Keep Everything in Your Home Clean and Organized

When you spend all your time focusing on the baby, making sure that everything in your house is clean and organized will be difficult. Tidy up your home now so you will not need to do that much later.

You may design a process for cleaning. In no time, your countertops will be loaded with emptied containers and bottles, and your hamper with baby clothes, blankets, and towels. To organize your baby’s clothes and other stuff, you can tag and group them with printed ribbon. If you don’t get all these items organized in a place and cleaned up on time, you will have to work through the mess much faster, which could be stressful. You can designate a particular day in the week or a certain period during the day to deal with them.

Apart from this, babies are unpredictable and do not normally stick to schedules. Hence, ensure that when they are taking a nap, you arrange the bottles in one place and put the sheet in the washing machine so that everything can quickly get cleaned up.

Design a Nursery

Though most times, your newborn will be by your side, they’ll need to use a nursery. For this reason, it is necessary to get it all ready beforehand so you won’t need to juggle tending to the baby at the same time. You could have some fun while creating the nursery as you can take your time selecting your favorite wall art, designing a diaper-changing section, creating shelving for every one of their fun books, and making their crib.

While picking out the room to be used for nursery, you may want to choose a room that receives a sufficient amount of natural sunlight throughout the day. This will be helpful in developing their sleep cycle because babies’ internal clocks just start figuring things out at that age.

Furthermore, ensure that you make use of a room, shielded from noise, as a nursery next to the kitchen or such common area could disrupt your baby’s sleeping hours. You can choose a bedroom that is at the end of your house, or in a low traffic area.

Try Stocking up on Nappies

You may find the number of nappies baby will need to get through quite overwhelming; this is why stocking up beforehand is very important. If you want to utilize disposable nappies, you will need around 10 – 12 daily. If your choice is reusables, the number that is needed depends on the nappy type you opt for. Some retailers provide trial packs, so you are able to see what is most effective for your baby.

Get a Designated Place to Rock Baby

Dedicating a special place to rocking or gliding your little one is a great idea. Look for a comfy seat to place in a quiet area in your home so you can sit and create a unique bond with your child. Also, it is nice to get a swing or a chair for them to rest in alone.

Prepare Lots of Food

Not to forget to buy some new cooking appliances like panini grill, fast cookers, griddles, saucepans etc to cook food fast so that you can spend most of your time with your lovely baby to spread bliss all around.

When your angel arrives, your hands will be full! It can be hard fitting in cooking and caring for your child all by yourself. Hence, you need to cook and freeze lots of meals beforehand. This can save you a lot of stress in the first week or thereabout following childbirth.

Get Ready to Receive Visitors

You may have to spend some time now to get ready what overnight guests like your mum or your best friend will need for their stay. This will ensure that you will not have to race around to find sheets or towel immediately you arrive home from the hospital. You can stock up on household items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, and the likes. Replace the sheets, and place another fan in the room for white noise.

Take Steps to Keep Baby Safe from Your Pet

Usually, your family pets will find a new arrival in your home shocking. To ensure your baby and pet live harmoniously in the house, you will need to take certain steps. Don’t let your pets and baby sleep in the same room. You could utilize a stair gate to keep your dog away from rooms. You could also buy a cat net to prevent your cat from climbing into the cot or pram of your infant.

All in all, welcoming a child into the world from a mother's perspective can be quite challenging, and rewarding. Following the tips above in preparing for your baby's arrival may sometimes feel overwhelming. Remember to start preparations as early as possible and don't feel shy to ask for help when you need it.

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