When Is It the Right Time to Go Out with Your Baby?

Once you have had your baby, you are probably overjoyed that you can’t wait to take your bundle of joy out in a stroller. You will also want to take your baby out to go and visit your grandparents and friends in the afternoon. As a result, you may wonder when it is okay for you to take go out with your baby.

Many mothers tend to be cautious about taking their babies out since they fear their babies may contract some diseases. As a result, most moms don’t always leave the house with their babies in the first few days, unless they have an appointment with the doctor.

The right time to go out with a baby is one of the most common questions asked by parents. Let’s take a look at some important considerations you need to make.

The Right Time to Go Out

Many parents have different opinions regarding this issue. However, doctors say that babies are ready to go outside from the first day that you leave the clinic with them. Although you don’t have to go out with your baby on the first day, should you feel like you need fresh air, you can go for a short walk with your baby.

Choosing the Right Environment

Once you have decided to take your little bundle out, you should opt for the right environment. The best environment is one that is open and where there is little noise. You want to go with your baby to a place where they might get disturbed. You should also avoid any environment where your baby might be affected by cigarette smoke. You should also take note of the weather.

How Long Will You Be Out?

Since your baby is still young, it is not healthy for her to spend a lot of time out. Your baby can only manage to be out for short periods when the sun is not too strong. You too as a mum can feel tired when you are out all day carrying your baby.

Bring all the Required Supplies

You still need to bring your baby’s supplies even if you are out. Since your baby is still young, all she will be doing is eating, sleeping and making her diapers dirty. Therefore, remember to bring a bottle, a towel, a blanket, diapers and some warm clothes.

 For both you and your baby to be comfortable outdoors, you should use a stand stroller. This will make your work easier since you won’t have to carry your baby in your arms since you may get tired.

Precautions to Take

1. Avoid Exposure to sunlight

You should avoid exposing your baby to sunlight in the first six months. If you decide to go out with your baby, you should do it when the sun is not too hot. You should put your baby in a stand stroller. You can protect your baby from direct sunlight by putting up the top of the stroller.

2. Insect bites

Another thing you need to be careful about is insect bites. You should, therefore, keep her covered throughout your journey to prevent insects from biting her skin. However, you need to be careful so that you don’t overheat your baby.

3. Never leave the baby unattended to

When using the stroller, you should ensure that you keep your baby safe in it. Never leave your baby unattended to in her stroller. If you also hang toys from your stroller bumper then you need to be careful with them.

The toys should be securely fastened. You should not forget to buckle your child’s harness when going for a stroller ride with her. You should also store your baby’s belongings properly in your stroller. Don’t hang any bag on the stroller’s handlebar as this can cause the stroller to tip over.


Finally, you should also remember that apart from the outside world, there are also other threats that you need to keep away from. You should not make any contact with any sick person while you are with your baby. You should also ask people to wash their hands before you allow them to touch your baby. Your baby’s health is still delicate and requires you to be extra cautious.

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