Romantic Holidays For Your Next Wedding Anniversary

It seems that great romantic milestones are always marked with a trip away. Be it overseas to the beach or a regional trip to the country, romance and travel go hand in hand. There is something about being alone together and experiencing new destinations that dials up the romance. Just make sure that you take the time to plan and discuss your wedding anniversary plans. In this way, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re planning for a trip that your partner actually wants to visit.

With that in mind, there are so many countries all over the world that are known for being romantic getaways, the options for anniversary holidays are endless. From sightseeing holidays to relaxing getaways, there is an ideal destination for every couple looking to celebrate a milestone with a trip away. Here are ten places that you could consider as a holiday for your next anniversary.

1. Noosa

Noosa is currently having a moment. Featured by Travel + Leisure as one of the Best Places to Travel in 2017, the beauty of Noosa is hard to pass up. From eye-catching main beaches to the fairy pools of Noosa National Park and countless waterfront dining options there are so many things to do.

 Renowned for its sandy beaches and fine dining, a trip to Noosa is a laid back one. Couples can attack the sightseeing options as they see fit, or, they can spend their anniversary laying on the beach while being fed like kings and queens. 

2. Maldives

Many travel guides will attest that the Maldives is practically built for romance. From private huts situated above the water to island hopping, a trip to the Maldives is an exciting but slow-paced holiday.

While there are many things to do in accommodations like the Conrad Maldives Hotel with its day beds, overwater spas and wine cellar, how you enjoy the Maldives is up to you. The Maldives is perfect for relaxing on picturesque beaches and sipping on an endless supply of cocktails. The beauty of the Maldives is its versatility.

3. Fiji

More than 300 islands. White sand. Bluewater. World-class snorkeling. Could Fiji offer anymore? It’s the perfect island vacation for the adventurous traveler and those keen for a touch of rest and relaxation.

 Fiji’s versatility is what makes it a great romantic holiday destination. Catering to both partner’s needs makes it easier to decide on a holiday spot and each day can be filled with what both partners like to do. This makes a Fijian holiday enjoyable for both partners and allows the romance to flow.

4. Verona

Everyone knows Verona due to its label as the setting for a little play and movie called Romeo and Juliet. With tourist hotspots like the Casa di Giulietta- complete with an added balcony- lovers can travel to Verona and live out their own version of Romeo and Juliet … this time with a happy ending.

The narrow streets and small fine eateries are very personal and quaint and add to the romantic vibes of closeness and love that all romantic holidays need.

5. Paris

The city of love needs no introduction. With beautiful boutique-style accommodations, quiet streets and world-famous landmarks, Paris is a must-do destination for lovers and world travelers alike.

With a bakery almost always in sight, stroll through Paris with your loved one, taking in the architecture before settling down for a croissant and coffee. The magic of Paris is how it makes simple things like shopping and eating some of the most romantic activities in the world. With Paris- it’s all in the landscape.

6. Sweden

Staying in Sweden’s Icehotel provides the perfect excuse for staying indoors and cuddling with your loved one. At the foot of the highest peak in Sweden, the Icehotel offers an escape where travelers can snuggle up in sleeping bags in rooms set at -5C.

While the cold may put you off, the idea of spending the trip rugged up and cuddling is an ideal romantic getaway for those looking to reconnect.

7. Shetland Islands

The most likely place on British soil for sightings of the Northern Lights (aurora borealis). Imagine cuddling up and watching the otherworldly aurora borealis light up the night sky. It’s an experience that’s never guaranteed, however, if it comes off, it is romance personified to view a once in a lifetime moment together.

8. Portugal

Everyone has different ideas about what romance involves and if it involves a palace- you’re in luck. The Tivoli Palacio de Seteais in Portugal is the 18th-century wonder. With 30 guestrooms, ballrooms, salons and tapestries lovers can holiday like Portuguese royalty by hiring a room, or the entire property.

9. New York

New York has birthed some very famous love stories, in fact, a whole television show was centered around finding love in New York. Taking a leaf out of Sex and the City’s book, a trip to New York is definitely on the list of vacations for lovers. 

Be it by strolling through Central Park, catching a Broadway show or visiting one of the many landmarks, a trip to New York is about creating new experiences together. Experiences which will ultimately bring people closer together and there’s nothing more romantic than that.

10. Tasmania

Helloworld’s Rowville chief hasn’t labeled Tasmania as the perfect choice for a romantic trip for nothing. The island is full of award-winning wine and oyster hot spots- the two perfect ingredients for romance. Offering both coastal scenery and national parks, every day you wake up in Tasmania can be filled with different activities or ways to relax.

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