A Beginners Guide: Sergers 101

Have you ever heard of sergers? But you have heard of sewing machines, right? This beginner’s guide explains all you need to know about sergers.

What are sergers?

Well, sergers are just like sewing machines but with more functions. They are especially used in finishing edges. A serger trims the edges and sews a seam all at once.

If you look at the edges of ready-to-wear garments you will see it is like they have been sewn perfectly and with so many threads.  

Sergers give you a high level of finishing that you can’t find with a sewing machine. So if you are thinking of making your fabrics to look like they are factory-made, and get that professional look, then you should invest in the best serger.

Features of Sergers

 Up to 5 thread options. Unlike sewing machines that use only one thread, one bobbin, and one needle, sergers have up to five thread options. The number of threads depends on manufacturers,the type of serger, and how much you are spending.

This means that you can use up to 5 threads. Of course, this requires more bobbins and needles. For instance, a 3-4 thread serger will have the same number of bobbins and needles. The more the threads, the stronger the seam.

Most ready-mades are sewn using a 5-thread serger. Two threads are for the straight line and three threads for the overlock.

- Automatic speed control. There is automatic control of how threads flow on a serger. You don’t need to control the threads manually the way it is done with sewing machines.

What is the benefit? You do the finishing efficiently and faster unlike if you were using a sewing machine.

Has a blade. A serger cuts the excess fabric as it sews the edges and for that, it has a blade. No more using a pair of scissors to trim the edges. What’s more exciting is that it cuts the fabric at the same time it is stitching the edges, saving you time and effort.

- Other features. Some sergers have more features than others, all depending on how much you are willing to spend. You can find those that can cover stitches, gathers and rolled hems.

Therefore, sergers don’t just stitch. They trim, sew the edges and use many threads depending on the machine. What’s more, they are automatic, faster and efficient. No wonder they are popular where there is mass production of garments.

Will You Get Rid Of Your Sewing Machine?

No. You will still need your sewing machine because there are some functions a serger cannot do.

 It can’t do a normal straight stitch, apply pockets such as the back of jeans or front shirt pockets, do a regular hem, create buttonholes or fix zippers.

Must You Have a Serger

No. However, you will need one if you want your garments to look professional, be durable and to save you time. A serger makes the seams to be stronger by using many threads.

You can do the finishing with an ordinary sewing machine, but it will not look professional and you will need to include the time you will spend trimming the edges.

Get a serger now and see your garments looking as if they were factory-made in no time!

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