A Comprehensive Review Of The Best Softballs For Babies

As your baby grows, his desire to play grows too. Satisfying his insatiable need for play, therefore, requires that you avail him a variety of toys. This is so that the little one is always kept occupied when you as the parents perform different chores around the house.

One of the kids’ all-time favorite toys is balls. From the time kids learn to hold objects in their tiny hands, a softball is one of the first toys they can never resist. With these toys, you can even sweeten the deal by finding those with sounds and music.

Besides having fun, balls form a good impetus for your child to develop his fine motor skills. Also, as your child achieves the crawling and rolling milestone, playing with balls encourages them to do so as they knock and fetch the balls. This helps them to master how to crawl and roll faster than other kids who don’t have softballs as their toys.

With these benefits, you should take adequate time to do thorough research before you settle on a specific one. Well, I know time is something you do not always have, so I have made life somehow easier for you by compiling this guide on buying softballs for babies. Included is also a review of some of the best softballs for babies in the market.

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Importance of Soft Balls to Your Baby

Softballs are some of the most affordable toys on the market that you can get for your baby. These are therefore a cheap way of providing your baby with the benefits that come with playtime. Additionally, softballs can be introduced early as soon as the kids can use their hands.

1. Bonding and Learning Cause and Effect

Babies gravitate towards objects that roll on the ground, more so when they start to sit. The continuous movements of balls are another great fascination to babies. When playing, your baby learns to control the movement of something else which is the softball, apart from their usual movements.

As the two of you roll the softballs back and forth, a social bond between baby and parent is created. This type of bond is critical as the baby learns to socialize with those around him. Such a bond also gives you two (three) quality time together.

Another benefit of rolling the ball is that it teaches the baby the basics of cause and effect. He learns that every action (knocking the ball) has a consequence (the ball rolls). Other ball abilities the baby will soon learn are rolling, bouncing, tossing, dropping and kicking.

2. Development of Essential Skills

Playing with softballs involves throwing, kicking, dribbling, rolling and catching of the balls. It is these activities that improve his timing, motor skills, and eye-hand coordination. These developmental progressions are important for your baby’s overall well-being.

It is these types of skills that come in handy as your toddler transitions from normal and independent play to competitive and collaborative play. As your kid develops, he will need to learn to share stuff, follow the rules, be social and negotiate. Playing with softballs lays the foundation for all these.

How to Choose the Right Soft Ball

Being able to choose the best toys for your baby is not as simple as most people think it is. There are so many factors that have to be considered. The issue becomes even more complicated when you now narrow down to choosing a particular type of toys for your baby which is the softballs. However, here are some of the factors to be considered.

1. Weight of the Ball

When setting out to buy a softball for your baby, you will be met with a variety of choices that you will have to choose from. The balls vary regarding sizes and firmness, with each being suitable for different child ages.

For babies, the balls should be as lightweight as possible. They should also be small enough to be held comfortably. Good options to consider would be the Wiffle balls as they are light enough. They also have holes on them for easier handling by babies.

Plastic Play Balls - Softball Size

2. Ball Size

The sizes of the balls are a key consideration to have at the back of your mind. Larger balls require holding with two hands to throw, unlike a smaller one that requires only a hand.

Before your baby masters the use of two hands, it would be a better idea if you give him the smaller one. However, it is also good practice if he can get his hands on both the larger and smaller ones.

3. How Soft Is The Soft Ball?

Different ball manufacturers around often flout the “soft ball tag” to woo clients. In the real sense, they differ regarding how firm and soft they are. For very young babies, the balls ought to be as soft as possible for comfort.

Having a variety of ball textures should be done once the baby has gotten used to the soft ones. These different textures facilitate the development of a sense of touch in the little one.

For indoors play, the balls have to soft enough so as not to break stuff around the house. The larger and much heavier softballs should be only used outdoors.

Rules for Playing with Soft Balls

As your baby grows to toddlerhood, he starts running around the house and playing with other kids. They too can still benefit from playing with softballs (they still love it). However, their play has to be subject to certain rules for safety.

No Throwing Of Balls At Someone Unawares

Throwing balls and catching them is a fun game loved by kids. Here is where this rule needs to be enforced to the fullest. Out of too much excitement, the kids might throw balls at one another without the other one knowing.

This play is dangerous, as softballs can be weapons when thrown anyhow. The throwing should only be done when the other kids are ready and alert to catch the balls.

Not Throwing Balls In The House

Babies might be too young to understand this rule, but you need to work on a way of letting him know that throwing balls in the house is prohibited. Flying softballs can still cause considerable damage to items in the house.

How to Store the Soft Balls

Having too many balls around the house can be a little handful for most parents. This is particularly when you love giving your kid all the varieties of balls to play with. These balls, when spilled around the house, increase the chances of anyone accidentally tripping on them.

After a playing session, you need to have a container in which to keep the balls. A laundry basket, plastic container, large box and wicker basket are all good options for this purpose.

The only precaution you will be needed to take is to ensure that your baby/toddler can easily retrieve the balls when it is time for him to play without falling into the container.

Best Softball Reviews

*Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

1. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball


For babies between the age of 3 and 36 months, this softball provides a great way for them to explore their curiosity. The ball is made of flexible and soft plastic that is BPA-free for your baby’s safety.

The soft plastic used makes the ball easy for his little and delicate hands to squeeze and bend during play. And when it gets dirty, which it will after hours of playtime, you simply wipe the dirt off as the plastic is easy to clean.

In addition to being squeezed, this ball comes with an additional feature of producing rattle sounds when rolled and shaken. And since babies this age love sounds, playtime will be made more interesting.

The advantages of this ball do not end there. It comprises of various shapes that you can point out to your baby as you play together. The shapes help the baby develop linguistic skills which will help him later in life.

Another great feature about this ball is its incorporation of primary colors to provide visual stimulation during play.

Top features

  • Soft and flexible plastic
  • Rattle sounds
  • Bright colors
  • Caterpillar character
  • BPA-free
  • Multiple Shapes


  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Produces rattling sounds when shaken or rolled
  • Colored with bright colors for visual stimulation
  • Helps kids discover shapes as soon as possible
  • Bendy for easy grasping
  • Durable plastic
  • BPA free for safety
  • Easy to carry as it fits in diaper bags


  • Sometimes has exposed screws
  • The color comes off when wiped on some occasions
  • Poor quality control

2. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball


This Bumpy Ball is a brightly colored, bold-patterned and easy to grasp ball for babies from 6 months through to 3 years. The bright color it contains provides babies with something to focus on. This, in turn, strengthens the baby’s vision in the process.

The ball also comes with gentle rattling sounds which are great for the creation of neural connections in the baby’s brain. These rattle sounds are located in the trapped beads. Another great feature is the inclusion of chunky-sized bumps on the walls of the ball.

These bumps encourage your baby to reach, grasp and transfer the ball from hand to hand. Such actions aid in the development of motor skills. For the development of better tactile sensitivity and material variety, the bumps on the side are made from different materials with varying textures.

Top features

  • High-contrast colors
  • Gentle rattling sounds
  • Different bumps materials
  • Bold patterns
  • Chunky-sized bumps
  • Plastic end with multi-colored beads


  • The bright colors are good for vision development
  • Rattling sounds are included
  • Enhances a wide range of skills in babies
  • Bumps are made of a variety of materials for tactile sensitivity
  • The soft structure is easy on babies
  • Great value for the price
  • High quality and durable
  • Easy to grasp
  • Great for a fussy baby


  • Reports of ripping after a short while
  • Some babies are not thrilled with it

3. Accguan Colorful Soft Ball

Accguan Colorful Soft Ball


The Accguan softballs are a great option for toys that your baby will enjoy playing with. The balls are randomly colored so that your baby gets to develop his visualization skills. At such tender ages, being exposed to different bright colors are great for vision as he concentrates on the balls.

Another good feature about these balls is their non-toxicity. This feature is great as the ball does not lead to any health issues in your baby. While playing with the softballs, most babies chew, lick and do all manner of things that might put them at risk if the balls were toxic.

Your baby can use the balls for a variety of plays. These include filling ball pits, playhouses, playpen and bounce houses. If your baby loves to play during bath time, you can add the balls to the water so that even the reluctant bathers can have fun as they do so.

Top features

  • Measures 5.5 cm in diameter
  • Random bright colors
  • 100 balls in total
  • Non-toxic
  • Weighs 12 ounces


  • Very affordable
  • Non-toxic soft plastic
  • Small enough for babies
  • Suitable even for pets
  • Great quality construction
  • Can be used for some plays
  • 100 pieces of balls are available
  • Sturdy construction for durability


  • Some babies find the sizes too large/small
  • Storing the 100 balls is a problem

4. HABA Rainbow Fabric Ball

HABA Rainbow Fabric Ball


The HABA fabric ball is a softball that is intended to provide an age-appropriate amount of stimulation for your baby as he develops through the years. It consists of eight fabric sections that are brightly colored for visual stimulations as the baby trains his eyesight.

In addition to the bright colors of the eight sections, they are made to produce different sounds when rolled or tossed in the air. In this way, there is audio feedback that keeps fussy babies occupied. Another good feature to expect is the different texturing of the fabric sections.

This feature is meant to improve the sense of touch and sensitivity variation of his hands. These sections are made from polyester, mesh fabric, velour, tricot and corduroy fabrics. A six inches ball results in the process. The other good thing about this softball is that it is machine washable and stimulates an array of senses.

Top features

  • 6” diameter
  • Eight fabric sections
  • Rattles
  • Sections have different textures
  • Non-toxic
  • Multi-colored
  • Machine washable


  • Stimulates an array of senses
  • Attractive combination of fabrics
  • Produces rattling sounds
  • Consists of a squeaker
  • Is machine washable
  • Easy to grab for babies from the sides


  • Quite expensive
  • Looks cheaply made
  • It’s not a perfect circle

5. FlySpro Soft Plastic Balls

FlySpro Soft Plastic Balls


These softballs form great playing options for your baby hence making playtime more fun. These 100 balls are made from phthalate, which rids them of PVC plastic, lead and BPA phthalate. Such features are great for making the balls chemicals and smell free.

If you are looking for balls that can be used for multiple purposes, then these could be good options. They can be used for filling ball pits, playhouse, bounce house, a kids pool and even inflatables. In addition to their 6-cm size, they make a good fit for the babies’ hands.

These softballs are crushproof and will, therefore, be very durable. This means that they will serve your kids for long. Another good thing about these softballs is that they fit small hands perfectly well and therefore your baby will enjoy his entire playtime with these balls. Even adults can use these balls to exercise and play.

Top features

  • Can carry up to 150 pounds of force
  • Made from phthalates
  • 2.5 inches in size
  • Chemical free
  • Multi-purpose
  • Free smiley stickers included


  • Perfect for multi uses
  • Chemicals free
  • Crushproof
  • Smell free
  • Fits small hands well
  • Even adults can play with them


  • Reported to deflate on occasions
  • The price is a little high for 100 balls

6. VTech Baby Lil' Critters Roll and Discover Ball

VTech Baby Lil' Critters Roll and Discover Ball


For babies who are between 6 months and two years old, this ball provides an entertaining and development-oriented play ball. This plush softball features bold, bright colors in addition to entertaining characters being inscribed on it.

The ball, therefore, provides a great exploration object for your little explorer. Another great feature is that the ball has a motion sensor which triggers phrases and sounds. Alternatively, as your baby learns to crawl, he can activate the noises by tossing and rolling the ball.

What’s more, this softball is perfectly lightweight and this makes it ideal for your baby. It is also easy to grasp. If you need a softball that will motivate your baby to crawl, then this VTech softball should be your ideal option. This softball also forms a perfect educational ball and is also powered using 2 AAA batteries.

Top features

  • Entertaining characters
  • Bold colors
  • Motion sensor
  • Star-shaped button for introducing animals and number
  • Softly textured tags
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries


  • Entertains and is development oriented
  • Has soft, easy to grasp tags
  • Motion sensor activates sounds
  • Forms a great educational ball
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to grasp
  • Motivates babies to crawl


  • Some babies are not thrilled with it
  • Sound volume is a little low

7. Playkidz Soft & Textured Balls

Playkidz Soft & Textured Balls


In case you are looking for softly textured balls to grow with your baby, these could be a great choice. These softballs for babies contribute to the overall growth in tactile senses as well as improving his fine motor skills.

When your baby transfers the ball from one hand to another, he develops appropriate hand-eye coordination. Besides the coordination, by playing with other babies, your baby learns and improves his socialization skills which are great for adult life.

The balls are provided in some varieties to make the baby learn some skills. There is a soft bright colored ball for acute eyesight. A doted round shaped ball is great for the development of tactile sensitivity. What’s more, the large sized ball allows for an interaction between your kid and his older siblings and adults like you.

Top features

  • Weighs a total of 7.2 ounces
  • Bright red color
  • Dotted, round shaped balls
  • Large sized ball included


  • Provides hours of fun
  • Features a classy and elegant design
  • A learning mechanism for babies
  • Bright colors grab baby’s attention
  • Different textures are great to touch
  • Great pricing


  • Looks cheaply made
  • Some of the balls are not squishy

8. Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls

Edushape See-Me Sensory Balls


The See-Me sensory balls are 4” see through balls that are available in different colors for your child’s play. These balls feature a thick skin with a pin receptacle for inflation and deflation of the balls. This is a great feature in case the ball deflates while your baby is playing.

Additional features that your baby will find useful include the stimulation, soothing and skills development ability. The advantages that this softball will offer your baby include hand-eye coordination, socialization, tactile sensory, gross and fine motor skills.

Another great feature of this softball is the easy-grip design which is good as it allows kids of different ages to also play with the sensory balls. The other good thing about this softball is that it is chemical free and will not expose your baby chemical poisoning. What’s more, it is also not a choking hazard to your baby.

Top features

  • Ball pin receptacle for inflation/deflation
  • Easy grip design
  • Four different balls
  • See-through design
  • Thick skin


  • Easy to grip
  • Fit for kids of varying ages
  • Multi-skill development
  • Lead-free
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Soft enough for babies of tender ages
  • Do not have any choking hazard
  • Bounces amazingly


  • Deflation is a problem if you do have a way of inflation
  • Pricy
  • Some children do not fancy it

9. ELENKER Soft Plastic Ball

ELENKER Soft Plastic Ball


The ELENKER softballs measure 2.3 inches in diameter, making them a good fit for children’s small hands. Despite the small sizes, these balls can withstand about 90 pounds of applied weight on them. This resistance makes them perfect to be used by children as play toys as they might sit on the balls.

The balls are made from high-quality materials, which is great for improving the service life of the balls. Just like it is with ocean balls, these too can be used for some plays and filling of play toys. Another good thing about these soft balls is their durability and sturdy design.

Color/counting recognition, hand-eye coordination, sensory learning and motor skills are some of the skills that your baby will be getting by playing with these balls. There are various ways of playing with them too. Ball fights, jumping into them, being “buried” in the balls are examples.

Top features

  • Withstands 90 pounds of force
  • Bright colors
  • Soft to squeeze
  • 2.3 inches in diameter
  • Chemicals free
  • Smell free


  • Soft for the delicate hands
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to grasp for babies
  • Various ways of playing with them
  • Makes bath time fun
  • Sturdy design
  • Storage bag provided


  • May not be 100 in the pack
  • Maybe too small for older kids

10. Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set

Infantino Textured Multi Ball Set


The Infantino sensory balls are brightly colored and made of interesting textures. This makes for a fun playtime as well as expanding your baby’s imagination and sensation. The ball set comprises of six balls that are uniquely textured for the acutest tactile sensitivity in your baby.

The balls are made of high-quality materials so that they are BPA-free. This design allows the baby to lick, chew and place the balls in his mouth when playing without the risk of developing health issues.

The Infantino Textured balls do not also have that smell of cheap plastic that most people would not like their children to be exposed to. What’s more, these balls can easily be gripped by your babies due to their good texture and size. They are also easy to toss around and will result in your baby having the best developed tactile senses.

Top features

  • Made for six months plus babies
  • Includes six balls
  • Different textured balls
  • BPA-free


  • Leads to well-developed tactile senses
  • Health risk-free
  • Do not have the cheap plastic smell
  • Cute and great to chew on
  • Perfect size for griping
  • Easy to toss around


  • Made of PVC plastic
  • Some grow mold inside


There you have it regarding softballs for babies. Softballs are great playing options for your baby. When buying one, ensure you go for the best, some of which are included in this review. In this review, my favorite is the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball.

This ball features bright primary colors which make for great color differentiation at an early age. Then there is the caterpillar shape found on the center band. This shape helps the baby figure out objects early in life.

The bendy design also makes it easy for the cute little fingers to grasp the ball while playing. When rolled or tossed, the rattle ball inside the softball produces interesting sounds for any baby.  

Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

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