Spring Camps and Other Ways to Build Your Child’s Schema

Schema refers to the cognitive-based concept that helps a child in organizing and interpreting information. A schema can also refer to patterns of behavior that your child may demonstrate when they’re playing, learning and engaging the world.

If you encourage your child to explore and practice schemas, they will become knowledgeable about their surroundings and more academically inclined. This will also keep your kids fresh on the concepts that were presented in school.

To build and improve your child’s schema, constant support and an ongoing commitment to their learning and development is crucial. That’s why spring break is a great time to build their ways of learning and exploration.    

By enrolling your child in a spring camp, you are helping them learn subtraction and addition terms, simple integrals, and other pieces of information that are important for their academic growth. The STEM Spring Camp by Premier Genie, a reputable learning center in Dubai, can be your best option.

STEM Spring Camps and Building Your Child’s Schema

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) camps will engage your child in new experience this spring break. In these camps, kids will collaborate, create, explore and imagine while acquiring STEM skills that can help them not just in school but in life as well.

STEM spring camps are meant to be interactive and fun. Some of the focus subjects or areas these camps are:

  • English creative writing
  • Mathematics
  • Competitive test preparation
  • Science

Some camps have group dynamics; thus, your child can make new friends. These camps will also help your child stay ahead in academics because your child will be prepared for the coming year.

Here are other learning programs included in these camps:

● Robotics

In a robotics camp, your child can learn how to build as well as program various robots with Lego bricks and high-quality software. Lego WeDo tutorial, for instance, can provide your kids the opportunity to bring their Lego creations to life. Every theme-based session will motivate imagination and creativity as they brainstorm, construct, and experiment with robots.

● Engineering

In an engineering camp, your child will turn into real engineers because this involves designing, evaluating and renovating machines and structures. Creations may be based on real-life structures from all around the world and can get even more amazing with your child’s imagination and creativity. Each project has a different theme to spark thoughts and turn skill-building and problem solving into a fun, enjoyable game.

● Coding

In a coding camp, your child can learn coding fundamentals with user-friendly drag and drop technology. Older kids can dive into more advanced programming, deemed to be the most in-demand job in the future. Most importantly, your kids will love designing and coding their own video games.

● Aeromodelling

In an aeromodelling camp, your child can get a glimpse into the world of airplanes, drones and space exploration technologies. Their practical skills can be improved as they build hands-on projects.

Learning the basics of aeromodelling can also help them understand the concepts behind engineering and science in a practical manner. Moreover, building project hands-on can help your child develop added skills like structural thinking and critical thinking. Their ability to work in a team, problem-solving skill and creativity can also be improved.

The best part about STEM spring camps is the teachers. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in STEM-related learning. The best STEM camps have educators that have been trained to U.S. standards.

Other Ways to Build Your Child’s Schema

Your child’s experiences will have the ability to boost their academic growth. And this is the intent and purpose behind schemas – to shape the experiences of your child in a way that they’ll grow in their academic knowledge. Building your child’s schemas will only become successful if you approach activities as something fun and engaging.

Aside from sending them to a STEM spring camp where they can learn a lot of things and even turn their imaginations into reality, there are other ways to increase your child’s knowledge and experiences.

● Take the lessons outside the classroom.

For instance, when your child has a geometry class and does not appreciate this subject much. Consider taking them to an amusement park or to a building that is being constructed. These activities will help your child see geometry come to life.

● Use real-life activities as tools for learning.

You can take your child to a popular chef’s kitchen to learn about measurements. Not only will they meet someone famous but they can also watch in awe as different dishes are prepared.

● Encourage them to connect the dots.

You can also take them to the hospital to learn about the measurements related to the human body. For instance, they can learn how long their intestines are, how many miles of nerves are in their body, and how many pints of blood are in their body.

Learning is usually associated with worksheets and textbooks. But there is more to learning than this. This coming spring break, consider letting your child be creative. Enroll them in a STEM camp to let them experience exciting and engaging activities that will help build their schemas and strengthen their ways of learning.

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