How to Stay Strong and Extremely Resilient in Chaos

Have you ever found yourself lost and confused? Some situations frustrate us so much that we can’t sleep, eat, and concentrate. And you definitely know how hard it is to calm down and keep doing your everyday tasks. Staying on Top Mom is a real art today but only a few of us can manage to learn it. But it’s extremely important to know how to keep your head up and stay strong even in the hardest situation because a calm person is a wise person. A tranquil man will never make a wrong decision and will feel confident enough to lead the others. Read on to learn the top 5 tips that will help you to survive under pressure.

Make Plans to Stay Strong and Positive

In case you want to control your days and avoid undesired situations, plan ahead all your tasks. Of course, it’s not a pill from all the surprises in our lives but at least that will help you to prepare yourself. You may use a simple notebook or an app that will help you to schedule your day properly. This simple habit extremely lowers the risk of being caught unexpectedly at work, vacation, etc. Besides, there’s another chance to find out how to stay mentally strong: imagine a few results of your plans. This habit will also help you to predict some situations and avoid stress.

Concentrate on One Task

Fulfilling a few tasks at a time is the worst idea you can only imagine. Of course, multitasking is a valuable characteristic nowadays but it’s not as efficient as it seems to be. You can’t focus and start dispersing attention that soon reflects on your results. We recommend fulfilling one task and then begin to work with the next in charge. Soon, you will realize that you don’t feel stressed anymore and you stay strong and positive even if you have much to do.  

Relax and Count to 10

If you feel that chaos tries to absorb you and everyone wants something from you, stop rushing. You may feel unconfident and broken but you have to dedicate a moment to simple relaxation. Breathe calmly and count to ten. You will see that a problem is not as big as you thought, and your mind will be clear enough to make the right decision. Do a psychotherapy technique exercise in any stressful situation and just stay strong.

Meditate to Stay Strong and Carry On

Well, this exercise is partly taken from yoga but it’s not hard to fulfill. When we find ourselves in some chaos and start panicking, it’s naturally that we take quick uncontrolled breaths. To avoid hyperventilating, you should do a few simple steps:

  • Make a deep breath with the help of your nose;
  • Hold it for a moment;
  • Breathe out with the help of your mouth.

Believe in Yourself

It is one of the most helpful exercises that will help you to stay strong and never give up. Focus on positive things and don’t focus on a bad result. Concentrate on the good side of a situation and believe that you will do it! Even if it seems that everything is lost, remember that it’s always darkest before the dawn.

Final Words

Practice these tips and soon you will notice that you totally control your life because only a calm person can do it perfectly. Clear your thoughts and you will find the right decision. By the way, do you have your own tricks that help you always stay strong? Share your experience with us and encourage others to cope with pressure but not to bend under it.

Author’s bio: Beatrice Callan. She is an online psychology tutor and freelance writer. She is an expert in education, motivation, and also she is the creator of a healthy community in social media.

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