Taking Your New Baby To A Sporting Event For The First Time

If you're a superfan and a new parent, you may be facing a dilemma. You have that adorable infant baseball jersey  you bought as soon as you knew you were expecting, and opening day is fast approaching. Is your baby ready for game day or is he/she too young? Will you still be able to enjoy the game and take care of feeding and changing your baby

Before you buy those season tickets, consider the following factors

The Atmosphere Of The Event

Is the stadium indoors or out Hockey rinks may be indoors, but they tend to be pretty cold. If you're at an outdoor venue, make sure that you apply sunscreen and bring plenty of water. A hat will also help shield your little one from the sun. Put that cute little baseball cap you bought to match the jersey to good use.

You also need to be conscious of the noise level on little eardrums. There are headphones that are specially made for such purposes. Consider the crowd also. Is it the type of game where fans might become loud or rowdy? Some kids are fine with a lot of commotion, but others can find it frightening.

What Will Your Child Really Get Out Of The Game

A newborn baby is not going to have any idea what's going on in any event. As for older babies and toddlers, it depends on their own personality. Start small, taking them to local little league games and gauge their ability to pay attention. Some parents report having a great time with children who are as young as one year old.

Attending sporting events as a family is certainly a bonding experience. Waiting until your child is old enough to understand what's going on will allow both of you to get more out of the experience. Being a parent is about setting priorities and limits for yourself, too. It may be necessary to watch the big game from the comfort of home or find a sitter if the live experience means that much to you.

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