The Health Benefits Of Watermelon Juice For Kids

Unlike what most people think, watermelon does not just consist of water and sugar. It’s a refreshing and nutritious fruit that’s packed with vitamins and minerals your child needs. Quench their thirst by letting them drink watermelon juice and gain tons of health benefits at the same time.

But how can your kids benefit from drinking watermelon juice? Learn more by reading below.

Maintains Proper Hydration and Improves Digestion

It can come as a surprise but, yes, watermelon contains fiber. Eating watermelon or drinking watermelon juice promotes a healthy digestive system. Aside from keeping you and your children hydrated during hot summer days, watermelon also contains electrolytes that help prevent heatstroke.

Promotes a Healthy Heart

It’s a fact that many newborn babies are suffering from heart disease. Upon delivery, the doctor checks proper heart functioning by observing the baby’s skin color and heart rate. At a young age, children may develop heart disease if not given the right nutrition.

Children would require essential nutrients as they grow to strengthen their heart muscles and improve blood flow. Because of the lycopene content of watermelon, you can improve the heart function of your little ones.

Promotes a Healthy Nervous System

Children require enough vitamins and nutrients for proper brain development and functioning. By drinking watermelon juice during snacks or mealtimes, your child will receive natural electrolytes, like potassium. Potassium is essential in regulating the excitation of nerves or nerve actions.

Allow your child to excel academically by preparing watermelon juice with their snacks or lunch. Aside from milk, water, and chocolate drinks, make school snack times a lot more interesting by providing other options, such as fresh watermelon juice.

Promotes Healthy Muscles and Bones

Like nerves, your child’s bones and muscles can benefit from the potassium content of watermelon. It helps promote proper muscle contraction, which is required for performing sports, during active play, and other activities that need an active mind and body. Drinking watermelon juice is also a great way to save your child from muscle pain before intense physical activity.

Strengthens the Immune System

Parents would appreciate the health benefits that watermelon offers, most especially when it comes to strengthening a child’s immunity. Watermelon contains active compounds that help reduce inflammation.

It is also a rich dietary source of vitamin C or ascorbic acid, which can boost your child’s immune system. Children tend to play around and are at risk of getting wounded. The vitamin C content in watermelon helps in faster wound healing.

Also, watermelon has antioxidants that neutralize harmful free radicals from the body. Ripe watermelon has the highest amount of vitamins and nutrients, like those you can extract to make watermelon juice. Juicing is an easy way to provide your children with anti-inflammatory support through the nutrients present in watermelons.

Reduce Stomach Problems

Watermelon can also help reduce acidity. Meats, dairy, and eggs usually cause acidity among children. You can reduce the risk of your child developing illness associated with a high-acid diet by serving your kids watermelon juice before mealtimes. Teach your child to eat healthy by serving fruits, like watermelon, and safeguard their stomach from high-acid foods.

Promotes Healthy Eyesight

Watermelon has beta-carotene, which is converted into retinol or vitamin A after it enters the body. Beta-carotene protects your children against developing age-related eye disorders. Also, vitamin A helps in the production of the eye’s retinal pigments.

Eliminate Excess Fluid or Water From the Body

As a natural diuretic, watermelon helps increase the flow of urine. It gets rid of excess fluids or water from the body without straining the kidneys. By drinking watermelon juice, you ensure that your children get rid of excess fluid in their bodies in the best possible way.

Reduce Baby Fats

While parents consider their children as “babies” even when they reach their teenage years, gaining excess baby fats is not good. Don’t allow your child to become obese or overweight. Encourage healthy eating habits by drinking fruit juices like watermelon juice instead of soda and other carbonated beverages.

 Watermelon is naturally low in calories. The citrulline found in watermelon can help reduce the fat buildup. It makes fat cells produce less fat, which prevents fat accumulation in your child’s body. Hence, drinking watermelon juice is very helpful in protecting your child from obesity.

Promotes Healthy Skin

Vitamin A or retinol in watermelon also keeps the hair and skin moisturized. It also encourages the growth of healthy elastin and collagen cells when combined with vitamin C.


As you’ve probably realized, watermelon provides a lot of health benefits to your child’s health. These health benefits don’t only apply to children, but for adults as well. Maintain a healthy heart, eyes, kidneys, nerves, bones, and muscles by eating watermelon or drinking watermelon juice instead of synthetic and sugar-laden carbonated beverages.

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