The Power Of Words: How Parents Can Set Their Kids Up For Success

The 21st century has already come, so we guess everyone is aware about the fact that the words parents tell to their children matter.

The scientists have discovered that the influence of the words on people is unspeakable, moreover, they claim that the words are material objects.

​Hence, there is no doubt that the impact of the words is powerful. If it’s so, it’s better to tell your babies only those things which set their minds to success then.

​This article is meant to answer you to the question how to do it in the right way so that it will work.

The Principle Of Hamburger

You might ask whether you should or should not criticize your child. Hold on. Ignoring the reality and saying only positive things will not help at all. Saying what’s wrong is important, but the experts claim that the place you put the information into conversation is important. You’ll need to follow the principle of hamburger:

  • 1st layer - Positive things
  • 2nd layer - Negative things and constructive critics
  • 3rd layer - Again positive things

Following this structure will prevent you from misunderstanding.

How To Set Your Kids For Success?

Brad Cooper, Physical Therapist, suggests trying these things:

1.Text your kid writing about something specific you find in him or her.

2.Make a compliment to your kid telling about the things, which are unique.

3.Click “like” on various Facebook or Instagram posts you see. Don’t forget to write a comment.

4.Be grateful and say “thank you” when someone holds a door open in front of you so that you can enter in and keep this mood during the whole day.

5.Once you are in a grocery store, pick up some greeting cards even if there is no special event like someone’s Birthday, etc. and congratulate your child.

You may write down some cheer up quotes. For example:

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    Life is various: it may be cruel and beautiful at the same time, but if you lose hope, life is finished.
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    Never give up in the struggles of your life because it’s only you who can command yourself to stand up.

As a parent, you should remember that you can either heal, or kill your kid with your words. In other words, what comes out of your tongue can either give life or destroy.

​The scientists have made several experiments with water. The first glass with water was bombarded with negative words and obscene language when the second glass of water was kept in the atmosphere of positivism and kind words. As a result, the structure of the molecule of water of the first glass was uneven and disrupt when the molecule of the second water in a glass was just perfect.

Hence, if we take into account the fact that people’s body consists of 70% of water than we can imagine how huge the impact of the words may be on our body.

​Some of the phrases are to be eradicated from your lexicon with your children. It was proved that even if parents continuously repeat some phrases to their children like “don’t do this or that” it does not work.

Some phrases are to be changed so that they could be delivered to your kid and absorbed like water into a sponge. For example, you may consider these phrases:

  • Don’t say “try”, but say “do your best”
  • Don’t say “do not forget”, but say “please remember to”
  • Don’t say “you should”, say “you can”
  • Don’t say “you are selfish”, but say “you can share more”
  • Don’t say “you are naughty”, say “you can behave in a better way”
  • Don’t say “you are irritable”, but say “you’re sensitive”

The idea is that a parent should become more “personal” to their kid and try to become their level for a while. It means that a father or a mother is to “wear the shoes of the baby” and try to feel what he or she feels. A good parent should not draw a border line between them and their kid and become imperative or totalitarian. It means that a parent is to be able to always come to help their child whenever it’s needed, and the kid should feel it.

The excellent parent is to be a great and number one motivator to their kid. He or she should inspire and help by saying positive words. It is assumed that only positive words are the building material for something new your kid steps into. They are their support and voice within all the time, even after the parents pass away.

Prepare your kids for the future, work upon their success. Even when you won’t be able to take care of your children, your words can accompany your kids throughout their life. Even if you will be far away from each other, the positive words will do their work regarding the success of your babe.

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