The Unexpected Benefits Of Having A Drug Test Kit At Home

Most adult drug enthusiasts have come across some form of workplace-issued drug testing. By default, passing these tests is a hassle: you have to spend a few days detoxifying and preparing correctly, so successfully pass a drug test. But how do you know if your detox was successful or not? Well, that's where at-home drug test kits come in handy.

In today's article, we're discussing the at-home drug test kits and the unexpected benefits of having one at your home.

What are at-home drug testing kits?

Other than laboratory testing, there are instant drug tests that are usually sold as over-the-counter products for drug testing at home, at an affordable price. They come in the form of immunoassay urine testing strips, which are easy to use, and provide quick, but slightly less accurate results. Once dipped in urine, these strips perform a biochemical reaction to measure drug metabolites' concentration in your sample.

Based on EMIT or ELISA immunoassay technology, the at-home drug testing kits use the same testing methodology as drug detection tests during urinalysis. They measure the concentration of drugs in your urine sample and display a visible colored line if metabolites' concentration exceeds the established limit. As such, they're considered pretty reliable for preliminary testing and provide results comparable to laboratory-grade tests.

However, these tests feature several drawbacks, notably the limitation in the number of drugs it detects. Depending on the quality and the manufacturer, at-home testing kits may indicate the presence of certain drugs or classes of drugs. The type of drugs and classes of drugs the test can detect are predetermined on all tests, so make sure you purchase the appropriate at-home testing kit.

Another issue is the matter of quality. Though generally affordable, at-home drug testing kits sit at both ends of the price spectrum. Products of questionable quality may provide you with misleading, false-negative results, so we strongly recommend you invest in a high-quality at-home drug testing kit (more info). Albeit more expensive, high-quality products are usually more trustworthy and accurate.

The unexpected benefits of having a drug testing kit at home

There are several main, apparent benefits of having a drug testing kit in your home:

  • Monitor your detox process
  • Test your loved ones for drugs
  • However, there are several unexpected benefits of having a drug testing kit in your home. Allow us to elaborate.

    Firstly, you must monitor the progress of your detoxification. At-home drug testing kits provide a good insight into your detoxification method's effectiveness, allowing you to prepare for the upcoming test accordingly. In other words, they'll tell you if your detox works and whether you're setting yourself up for failure or success.

    This can help you prepare for an upcoming test adequately, either by switching your detox method or purchasing a synthetic urine sample. The same rules would apply for at-home hair follicle tests, as they allow you to monitor the progress of your hair detox.

    Using an at-home drug testing kit to test your children or teens provides a plethora of unexpected benefits, depending on the test type. While the parental impulse of testing your teens for drugs may seem understandable to you, to them, it can be a breach of trust. The main benefit of at-home hair follicle tests is that you can test them covertly, by collecting their hair from their bedsheets, towels, or hats. That way, you can have them tested for drugs without the apparent breach of trust.

    The main benefits of at-home urine tests are relatively high-accuracy and almost instantaneous results. Besides their obvious benefits, like the low price and good reliability, at-home drug tests may yield some unexpected long-term benefits when it comes to teenagers. For example: 
    • Discouraging drug use – Knowing their parents might test them, teenagers may feel reluctant to use drugs. However, there is no evidence suggesting that discouraging drug use through testing actually prevents substance abuse. 
    • Assess potential drug use – If you suspect your teenager or loved one has substance abuse issues, at-home drug tests may help you assess the situation and confirm or discredit your suspicions.
    • Open communications – at-home drug tests may also serve as a precursor to more direct communication about drug use and substance abuse.
    • Accuracy and turnaround time – Most at-home tests are "lab-grade" products and provide reliable results, which are usually available in less than 5 minutes. Keep in mind that a test can "misfire," though this rarely happens.

    Final Thoughts

    Having a drug testing kit at home turns out to be quite beneficial, whether you're a drug enthusiast, or a worried parent or life partner. Luckily, at-home testing kits are affordable, relatively reliable, and might just provide you with much-needed peace of mind regardless of the situation.

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