Top Tips For Overwhelmed New Parents

When you first have a baby, it can be very overwhelming, especially if this is your first child. Not only do you need to deal with looking after a baby that doesn’t sleep well and needs constant attention, but you also need to remember to keep yourself healthy. All of this can be tricky and sometimes you just need some help.

Here, we have put together some tips on how you can get some help as a new mum or dad. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

Ask For Help

One of the most important things that you can do as a new parent is to ask for help. You might feel as though it is your responsibility to look after your baby alone or with your partner, but you will find that some of your family members or friends will be willing to help. Never feel embarrassed to ask a visitor to change a nappy or make up a bottle if you are busy. They’ll enjoy helping out and you’ll get a moment to breathe.

Use Online Support Groups

Did you know that there are hundreds of support groups online for new parents and parents who are dealing with older children? Social networking sites like Emenator (which you can also download an app for) allow you to set up your own group or join one that is relevant to your interests. On top of this, this site is only for those aged 18+ and doesn’t have any ads for you to deal with. Many people rely on the online community to help and you can do this too. 

Limit Visits

Do you find that you are constantly having to deal with friends or family members dropping by to see the baby? It can be nice to have visitors but sometimes it can become a bit much and it can be hard to get into a routine with your new baby. Of course, these visits will slow down over time but if you are feeling overwhelmed by the visits then you should think about setting some limits. Try to be kind about this and just suggest that people ask when you are free for a visit. This will give you more time to spend with your baby and feel less stressed. 


Our final tip for overwhelmed parents is to try to find time to relax. Sometimes, this can be easier said than done but there are some ways to find the time. For example, when your baby does go to sleep, take a moment to relax or have a nap yourself. You don’t always need to be cleaning or preparing meals, you need your sleep. If you have a partner, make sure to take turns with the baby and you will feel less overwhelmed.

If you have recently become a new parent and are feeling a little overwhelmed, make sure to take on board the tips that we have given you. Find your support group online and you’ll find things a little easier.

Kristi Cathey

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