Tips On How To Choose The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags For Your Baby

Breastfeeding has always come highly recommended due to great benefits it offers your baby. However, we must admit that it will take moms a lot of time and you are not always ready to nurse him because of some reasons.

In many situations, the milk suddenly spills out of your breast but it is not feeding time, or your kid is not hungry at all. Others suffer from a blocked milk duct, so they cannot feed their infant when he wants to eat. Otherwise, some have to work at the same time, therefore, holding their kids to breastfeed them is impossible.

Hence, today article will introduce you to a solution that millions of women find it convenient, effective and simple – milk storage bags.

Benefits Of Breast Milk Storage Bags

There are 5 main reasons why moms should breast milk storage bags instead of ziplock bags or other methods of storage.

  • They are made of the BPA free plastic for safety reasons
  • They are carefully designed for milk storage
  • They are completely clean and free from bacteria to maintain the quality of your milk as well as reduce the risk of suffering from stray germs which your child might face
  • They are thicker than ziplock bags, so you can freeze, defrost or warm the milk without any concerns
  • It is easier for you to pour the milk from a milk storage bag thanks to its special design

How To Choose The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags For Your Baby?

In fact, there are hundreds of good breast milk storage bags to choose in the market. However, the best product is the one to satisfy your demands.

Here are several aspects that you should look at before purchasing

How Much Milk Do You Store?

When it comes to this question, I mean whether those bags allow you to measure how much milk you store. Your infant develops every single day leading to the change in his ‘size’ of meals. Thus, finding a breast milk storage bag with a clear volume label is the first rule that you should note down!

Are they sterilized?

As I mentioned before, breastfeeding is time-consuming, so I suggested milk storage bags. Nevertheless, for the convenience, please choose sterilized products as sterilization is another process taking a lot of time, and I know you are not always free to do it. Understanding that, most of the manufacturers have helped moms save their time.

In case you still want to sterilize the milk storage bags by yourself, I think you should also get a sterilizer as well.

Are They Sealed Well?

Another factor which will influence the stored milk quality is that the bags should be easy to be sealed tightly as it will prevent harmful bacteria in the surrounding environment. The tip is to look for a product that is well known for the leak-proof design no matter it has 2 zippers or a twist cap.

Are They Freezer Ready?

The biggest advantage that the breast milk storage bags brings you is that the milk can be stored for later use which reduces the frequency of milk pumping. In spite of that, you still need to check carefully if that product could be used in a freezer or not because some are compatible with a cooler only.

Therefore, please do not consume that all storage bags could be used in your freezer! If you just bought some cooler ready bags by mistake, so please be aware that the time of the day you pump to its ‘best-before date’ will be much shorter than freezer ready ones.

Can They Stand Up?

You had better purchase storage bags which are designed to stand up since you will not find it difficult to place them on different surfaces apart from your refrigerator, for example, the countertop. In addition, this feature will prevent your bags from being deformed resulting in leaks of milk.

Can They Work With Your Breasts?

To save the amount of milk you pump and to protect it from bacteria, your milk storage bags should be connected to your breasts every pumping time. Thus, check with the manufacturer carefully if you are not sure about it.


Hope that you found 5 benefits and 6 tips to choose the best breast milk storage bags for your baby useful. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. Last, do not forget to like and share article today with your friends.

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