Tips To Control Your Pet Hair

It is so much fun to have pets around. Pets make the atmosphere stressfree, but keeping the fur off the sofa, carpet, curtain, etc. is like a constant battle. Most of the pets do shed regardless of their age and breed. Animal shedding is a common occurrence to get rid of extra, old or damaged hair. Winter is the season when our cozy friends become cosier in order to handle excess cold but as summer approaches they tend to shed all that extra hair. Summer is the season when you can find hair-balls in every nook and corner of your house. Getting down on your knees to pick up all that extra hair from your carpet and furniture is not a pleasant task. Dog clippers are also nice option. You can find more information about best dog clippers for matted hair here.

Here are some quick tips to make pet hair cleaning a cake-walk for you.

Before jumping into the cleaning tips we need to understand the cause of excessive shedding. Any allergy, medical condition or fleas could trigger excessive hair loss in pets. Hair loss increases in Dogs if they are allergic to fleas. They will keep scratching themselves and it will lead to consequent hair loss. Any other skin allergens may also lead to a skin infection that could eventually become the cause of excess hair loss. These simple tricks could help you in the long run when it comes to keeping your house pet hair-free.

1. Appropriate tools

You need to have an appropriate tool for the surface or areas you are aiming to clean. Best vacuums for a pet can do the job just fine. Hardwood floors are better to clean with a microfiber trapping mop as compared to dry vacuuming. If you only vacuum the house and avoid mopping then it makes the hair fly to which will hide in extreme corners. Pet hairs stick to fabric just like a baby monkey clings on to his mother. You should go for a leather sofa instead of a fabric one because cleaning the leather-based surface is easier than fabric. Anti-static-dusting spray can clean wooden surfaces; even a wet mop or rubbing will do the trick. A good quality vacuum can also become your helping hand as a pet hair remover.

2. Brushing

Regular brushing will save you from the cleaning hassle. In fact, brushing also helps in making the pet hair smooth and tangle-free leading to less hair fall. In order to remove all the dead hair, most of the pets need more than one kind of brush. Shedding blades, matebreakers, and slicker brushes are all designed for specific use. You can do some research on the kind of hair your pet has in order to buy the appropriate brush to control your pet hair from falling constantly. You must also devise a regular grooming schedule and stick to it.

3. Buy some throw aways

If you allow your pets on your furniture, car seats and upholstery then covering them with simple throws is a wise investment. These throws can keep your furniture less smelly and less dirty for a longer period of time. It will also make your house guest and kids friendly.

4. Regular check-ups

You can do early detection of any kind of skin disease by regular check-ups. Skin infections have a damaging effect on the hair coat and the skin of the pet. Your veterinarian can advise you an effective treatment to control your pet hair fall.

5. Bathing and pet cleaning

Choose an appropriate shampoo for cleaning your pet. Clean dogs tend to have less hair fall due to their healthy coats. Once or twice a week, a good bath can rejuvenate the skin and provide a shiny haircoat to your cuddly pet.

6. Use filters

Every pet owner must invest in good quality filters to keep the allergens and dander trapped. Filter change should be done appropriately.

7. Vacuuming the carpet

In order to loosen the stubborn hair, vacuuming should be done twice in every direction. Regular vacuuming can avoid hair accumulation. It makes cleaning easier. If you find pet hair cleaning a daunting job, invest in specialized vacuums that have advanced technology, HEPA filter, and strong suction power.

8. Provide proper nutrition

Poor diet also contributes towards hair loss in pets. The pet body starts sucking the nutrition from the skin if the diet is poor. Provide appropriate food as per pet’s breed so that your furry-buddy can have shiny smooth skin. Keep the pet food fresh and loaded with nutrients by keeping it in an airtight container.

Lastly, if your aim is to have a gala time with your pet, then consider these suggestions. A healthy and happy pet leads to a happy and healthy you.

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