Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your First Road Trip with Kids

Boredom, small space, and other things are the common source of irritation for a child when they are on a long ride. You‘ve hardly left your home when the notorious "Are-we-there-already" question begins. But then again, this is just the beginning of the road trip struggle for many parents who did not prepare well on their trip.

So, before you read a travel blog that will guide you about your destinations, maybe you want to consider first how you can prepare your kids for their first road trip. Below is a brief travel guide when having a road trip with your kids for the first time.

How to Prepare A Road Trip with Kids

Get the kids involved in the planning process.

This is very important as this will make them more excited about the trip. Ask them if there is any place they want to go or things they want to do. Let them be the boss of planning.

Let the kids pack the bag they want to bring.

You want for your kids to feel like they are in control of the trip, partially at least. Of course, they might think about bringing some ridiculous items, you can always filter what they can and should bring, but at least let them decide what they want to wear or a toy or two they want to bring. On top of that, snacks can be a distraction for your kids and make their mouth busy during the trip.

Being some things that will keep your kids entertained

As mentioned earlier, boredom is one of the reasons why the road trip becomes a disaster for kids. Fortunately, there are some accessories you can bring to make our kids occupied while they are in the backseat. You can bring children’s book, board games, or even gadgets that will keep them entertained during the long trip. Downloading games on the iPad will help them pass the time.

Pack some snack

Tiny snacks are also important. Some kids are always hungry, and when they are, they tend to complain a lot, and that can just ruin the mood. So, it’s good to have something to munch on until you get to the place where you’ll have your real meal.

Pack enough for emergencies

It’s always a good idea to pack some emergency aid kit, extra pull-ups or diapers, plastic bags, clothes, and water bottles. Some of the things you would also find handy are hand sanitizer, paper towels, wet wipes, toilet paper, and plastic bags.

Prepare prizes aka bribery!

Never underestimate the power of giving prizes and incentives for showing fantastic behavior in the car and cooperating at all times. These bribes can come in the form of treats during your breaks, extra special activities once you’ve reached your destination or a great reward when you get home.

During the Trip

Keep Your Calm at All Times

The flow of traffic is so slow. You got a flat tire. The hotel, for some reason, lost your reservation. You lost your way to your destination.  It’s okay… it will be okay. Show your kid that you are composed and it’s going to be a great trip no matter what. If a problem arises, instead of freaking out, figure out how you can fix the problem. There’s always a way to get out of unexpected circumstances.

Keep Things Clean

It’s more likely for your kids to stay calmer when the car is free from clutter. So, throw away your trash you have collected at every stop you make. Don’t overlook cleanliness and personal hygiene as they are very important for your family no matter where you are.

Stretch Those Legs

Making a stop at least every 3 hours is a good idea. Having bathroom breaks give your kids a chance to stretch their limbs. Let them run or wander around the area, but make it clear to them that you have limited time.

Limit the Liquids

No, don’t dehydrate yourself! However, keep in mind that drinking often makes you want to go to the toilet to pee as well. But there’s a trick you can do to solve this problem. Eat grapes and make everyone drink enough 45 minutes before your next stop.

Try These Games While on the Road

You don’t have to make your kids glued on gadgets; you can make them do other activities that are fun and requires no props. Here are some games you can have with them during the road trip

  • Count the Animals - This is a very simple, yet fun game, especially for toddlers. Make them count the animals they see on the road. When you see a blue house, then it means your animals have died and you have to start again. The person who counts more animals wins.
  • Name that Song - Hum songs or nursery rhymes, depending on your kid’s age. Or to make it more exciting, play random songs on the radio and the first person to guess the title or the artist wins.
  • Would You Rather… - Every person in the car takes turns "Would you rather..." and all players answer. For example, "Would you rather have a million dollars to superpowers?" Or you can also ask something funnier like “Would you rather kiss a gorilla’s bum or elephant’s?”

Prepare for the unexpected

You don’t have to make your kids glued on gadgets; you can make them do other activities that are fun and requires no props. Here are some games you can have with them during the road trip

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