What Activities can you Do with a 3-Month-Old?

At 3 months, your baby is more grown up and is more aware of her surroundings than she probably was a couple of months ago. At this age, you should know that it is more important than ever to play with your baby. And it is not just any type of play.

Your baby needs to play games that are fun, interesting, and educational. These games should provide a bonding experience for the two of you. By this time, I am sure you have settled your baby into a schedule that would make your life much easier. And in there, you have to factor in playtime.

This is because at this time your baby has become more capable of handling things with her hands and batting stuff with the feet. If you are looking for what activities to do with a 3-month-old during their playtime, then these will surely help you.

1. Circle Walk

There are a couple of things 3-month-olds find amusing, and walking in circles is one of them. To get the game going, hold your baby and walk in circles. While at it, give the baby a chance to explore her surrounding by holding her face forward.

Walk at different speeds, make the circle bigger or smaller with each round, change the walking style and direction, you could also sing as you walk and dance along to the tunes too.

2. Batting at Objects

At 3 months, most babies have usually learned to coordinate their hands, feet, and eyes. You are therefore able to play some kicking games while the baby is lying on her back. Attach lightweight and colored baby activity balls on a string above the baby.

As the baby lies on the floor, encourage her to kick at the baby activity balls. This activity helps the baby to develop good motor skills as her muscles are given a workout.

3. The Rock and Rolling Game

Do you want your baby girl to get her rolling game a notch higher quickly? Then play this game with her. As the two of you are seated on the floor, hold her on your laps, and then sway her from side to side as gently as possible.

For more fun, twist from side to side and rock forth and back while paying attention to how the baby reacts to all the movements. If she likes it, continue the activity. The two of you can also sit in either a rocking chair or one that spins, and enjoy those silly moments as you spin together.

4. Holding onto Toys

As your baby starts to unfurl her fingers, it is best for the two of you to engage in activities that encourage her to unfold the fingers, hold onto an object and then drop it. You can start by helping her to sit up, and then hold a small soft toy like a baby softball toy to her face.

Then, use the toy to touch the palms of her unfurled hands. See how she reacts, and if she is fine, let her hold onto the toy and wrap her fingers around it. Retract your hands and take note of how long she can hold onto the toy.

Do the same for the other hand. After a while, change the size and textures of the playing object.

5. Singing and Talking

Here is an activity that always comes naturally. I don’t know why, but at some point, I always just find myself belting out a tune as I take care of my young ones. And what about talking, I think most moms do this all the time too.

You can also acquire some musical toys that can help you when you are tired of singing and talking but you still want to play with the baby.

To make more meaning of the activity, you can strategically schedule this activity when the baby is trying out a new head position. Make it more fun for her by hiding away your face and let her look down for you in her new sitting position.

6. Propping Up the Feet

Your baby has spent the larger parts of the last two months just lying on her back without knowing about some of her body parts. And her feet are some of these body parts that we are talking about. By propping up her feet using a towel as she lies on the floor, she gets a good look at them.

Make the view more interesting by ensuring that she puts on some colored socks. The exquisite sight normally rattles babies a lot. Besides the towel, you can use a nursing pillow or use your body.

7. Balloons

First of all, kids and balloons don’t get along so well, albeit for the first few minutes when the baby-balloon struggle makes for a very interesting play time. Instead of using latex balloons, use Mylar balloons.

Some of you might want to tie the balloons on your baby’s feet, but I strongly cannot encourage that. This is what you should do; tie the balloons on a doorknob or a piece of furniture nearby. Then place the baby near it with her feet pointing towards the balloons and watch her kick it. A keen eye for her is mandatory.

8. Look At Each Other In Mirrors

Having a look at her face in the mirror is a very thrilling activity for babies. At first, she may not realize who she is looking at, but after a while, she will figure it out. You will then notice her starting to smile and wave back at her reflection in the mirror.

The mirror has to be unbreakable for starters and can be placed on the sides of the crib or the changing table. Once in a while, let her see your face too and make those funny facial expressions and watch her mimic you.

9. Its Tummy Time

Tummy time is an essential sensory activity that needs to be incorporated into your little one’s play routine. It helps develop various muscles in your babies, such as arms, trunk, neck, and shoulders.

After being on her back for a while, it is good to change positions so that she learns to crawl, roll, sit up and pull herself up.

10. Peek a Boo

Playing this activity helps the baby know that people and objects are still in existence, even when not in sight. It is one of the cognitive milestones that are essential for your dear one’s development. In this activity, you cover your face and let the baby think for a minute that you are not around.

After a while, open up your face and excitedly say “Peek-a-Boo.” Your excitement is the key to making this whole activity more fun. You can as well use a scarf instead of your hands to hide your face.

11. Its Outdoor Time

Staying all day indoors does you and the baby no good. To freshen up playtime a little bit, you need to take the baby out for a fresh breath of air. While out, you can bring a lot of her favorite toys, and let her play either on her back or tummy.

While lying on her tummy, she can have a feel of the grass and the growth around her, and when on her back, you two can talk about the sky and what she sees up there.


The activities that you can do with a 3-month-old are actually endless. You just have to find something that is comfortable for your baby and is alright with you. I hope this comprehensive article has provided you with some playtime inspiration on top of what you already had in mind for you dear one.

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