What to Wear to a Baby Shower – The Basic Things You Should Know

Baby showers are events that are important since people celebrate a new life that is about to be brought into the world. Whether you are the host or you are attending one as a guest, you will need to consider a lot regarding what to wear to a baby shower.

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Babies are everywhere; some are in their mother’s bellies right now and what that means is lots and lots of baby showers. Therefore, it is important to know the basics regarding your outfit since you are going to get invites to attend a lot of baby showers in a year or your lifetime. It could be from your friends, workmates, relatives or neighbours.

If You are The Mum - to - Be

Usually, if you are the Mom - to - Be, at this point of the baby shower you are likely to be seven months pregnant. Choosing the right outfit would thus be important since you need to be as comfortable as possible. Since all eyes are going to be on you, picking the right outfit will be a must.

What Type Of Shoes Do I Wear?

Regarding shoes, you should choose a pair of sleek shoes that will also make you comfortable at the same time. Since swelling feet is always a common during pregnancy, the type of shoes you choose should be able to accommodate your swollen feet.

SHOES - pregnancy

The best types of shoes for you will be the flat soled ones. This will ensure that you look beautiful while at the same time your baby is safe since you are not likely to fall if you wear flat shoes, unlike high heeled ones. You have to ensure that the shoes have wide heels too so as to reduce foot pains as a result of swollen feet.

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If you can’t do without heels, then you have to ensure you go for not more than 2 inches.

There is a variety of footwear suitable for pregnant women that you can choose from. They include crocs canvas loafer shoes and flat knee length boots.

What Outfits Are The Best?

If you are choosing the right outfit for you, the most important thing to consider is your comfort. Hence it is important to go for an outfit that makes you comfortable. This is because by the time your friends will throw you a baby shower, you will be in your last days of pregnancy which usually comes with a lot of burdens you will have a deal with like backaches and frequent trips to the bathroom.

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Therefore, it is important to choose outfits that contain stretch. Make sure you also put on clothes that will show your baby bump since it is the reason why you have that baby shower anyway. You can choose a long dress or if you like pants, choose stretchy ones.

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What Colours Should I Go With?

Should you choose a colour theme for your baby shower, then you have to ensure that what you wear matches with the colour theme. Bright colours are always the best since a lot of photos are going to be taken. Bright colours will thus make you look good in photos.

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Remember to look adorable since this is a very important part of your life hence you deserve to feel special and look gorgeous since the bump will soon be gone and you will have someone to attend to.

As a mother to be, you should also consider how you would like your friends to dress since a lot of important guests like your mum, your in-laws and maybe your boss or workmates are likely to be present.

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If You Are Attending A Baby Shower As A Guest

It feels good to be invited to a baby shower. Hence should you find your name on the guest's list, you will need to make a lot of considerations so that you can look polished for the event and make the host feel good to have you around.

  • First of all, as a guest, you will have to know the location of the event. This is because the style of dressing will be determined by the location of the event. For example, if the event will be held at someone’s house, going with a casual outfit would be good. If the event is in a restaurant, a formal outfit would be the best.
  • The next thing to do is to determine what type of dressing code the host would want everybody to be in. Sometimes a host may choose certain dressing code or colour theme for her baby shower hence it will be good if you conformed to the dressing code or theme. It will be awkward to be the odd one out among the guests.
  • If there is no dress code, then you can choose an outfit depending on your taste. It is good to go casual hence skinny jeans, and some long sleeved blouse would give you a perfect look. You can also try to find out what others would be wearing to help you make a great selection.
  • The choice of your outfit will also depend on the weather at that time of the year.

What To Wear During Winter


At this period of the year, the weather will not be friendly to your skin. It will, therefore, be good to choose an outfit that will make you look great while at the same time protect you from the cold weather. You can opt to dress in layers with some high boots and denim jackets. Should you choose to wear some short dress, then you can accompany it with some leggings and heels. You can then complement your look with a nice scarf to keep your neck warm.

What To Wear During Summer


When the weather is a bit favourable, you will have a variety of outfits to choose from. You can go for lightweight dresses or skinny jeans. You can also go for maternity dresses that are stylish. You can also do with some accessories like necklaces to jazz up your look.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Remember to dress decently when invited to someone’s baby shower. Dressing too sexily might offend the mum to be. Other people may not take it well if you overdress since all attention should be on the mother and her bump.
  • You should also consider the personality of the mother to be when choosing your outfit.


In recap, baby showers are very important as it brings together friends and relatives to appreciate a life that is about to be brought into the world and also to appreciate a mother’s effort in enduring all the burden that comes with pregnancy.


As a pregnant mother, you should not lose your style and fashion taste to pregnancy especially if you are hosting or attending special events like baby showers. As a guest, looking good and decent can sometimes be a little challenging, but after reading this article, I believe choosing what to wear will be easy.

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