What’s Affecting My Sleep? 3 Things Keeping You Up

If you've ever researched the topic of sleep quality, you've probably learned about something called melatonin. And if you've had problems sleeping, you may know that melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone.

Produced in the pineal gland, this hormone is one that we rely on for our sleep and wake cycles.

Melatonin also plays a role in treating seasonal affective disorder and reducing chronic cluster headaches. This sleep hormone is important, and you can make some natural adjustments to your diet to balance your body's melatonin levels.

If you want to balance your melatonin levels and enjoy better-regulated sleep, start with your diet. Fruits such as pineapples, oranges, bananas, and cherries are good foods to boost this hormone. Or get better-quality slumber throughout the night with the natural Sleep Patches.

You can also make a few lifestyle changes to get better sleep. Since our bodies respond to the pattern of the sun rising and setting to regulate our sleep patterns, be sure to get some sunlight when you first wake up to trigger a natural melatonin boost. Don't look at devices with screens 30 minutes before bed.

If you're still having trouble regulating your sleep, take a closer look at your home's indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality is associated with myriad sleep-related concerns, including serious disorders such as apnea and conditions such as restlessness and decreased oxygen inhalation. If you spend much time in your car and have problems with your vehicle windows and proper ventilation, these issues won't help you breathe more easily while driving either.

Take some initiative to improve your sleep quality and explore the tips in the following infographic to regulate your melatonin levels and get better rest.

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