Why Sectional Sofas Are Ideal for Large Families

Finding a place for everyone to sit in the living room gets harder as the family grows. You can try to add more couches and chairs. Yet the simplest solution is the one few of us consider - the sectional sofa. Let's look at why sectional sofas are ideal for large families.

You Can Separate Them Instantly

Suppose you have two kids sitting on the couch. They're fighting over their spot on the couch. If they're sitting on a sectional, you can split the couch. Each kid stays on one couch, and you can put anywhere from six inches to six feet between them. This of course depends on how much space you have in the living room.

You can also separate the couches to create separate social groupings. Let the little kids build a blanket fort, while the older ones are sitting next to each other talking. This is just one reason why large sectional sofas are great for big families.

It Is More Flexible

A sectional couch is more versatile. You could have the couches form a U-shape or L-shape based on the layout of the room and your needs at the time. You can also break out the couches to create conversational groupings. A side benefit of the design is that your kids can move couches to retrieve items that fall behind them or rearrange the furniture themselves without damaging things.

It Improves the Aesthetics

Sectional sofas can be made to fit the space. Because they're made to work just as well separate as together, you have a stylish layout whether each piece is standalone or grouped with other pieces. This is far better than having several oddball chairs you picked up a garage sale to provide enough seating for everyone.

You Can Accommodate More People

Sectional sofas tend not to have raised arms like conventional sofas. This typically means you can have more people sitting on a sectional sofa stretched along the wall over 2 or 3 smaller sofas covering the same stretch.

Many sectional sofas can double as guest beds. You might push two sectionals together to create a guest bed. The person won't be as constrained as they would if you did two standard sofas. Pit sectionals are specifically made for this. The footrests serve as center cushions in the "pit". And they can serve as individual seats, too.

You Can More Readily Replace It

There are many reasons you may need to replace a sofa or chair. Kids jump on the couch just as they do their bed, wearing it out. Dogs and cats may rip it up. The favorite seat gets stained. Fortunately, you could get rid of one piece of a sectional sofa and the rest remain a coherent whole. Or you could more easily find a replacement section by the manufacturer. The new couch, chair or footrest can integrate with the remaining whole. You can even mix and match couches and chairs in different colors and materials. As long as it has the same cut or design, it will generally look fine.

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