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A Quick Guide On How To Have Twins

The idea of giving birth to twins tends to give people a mixture of emotions. Some people may love the chance to be parents to two beautiful babies at the same time while some couples may frown at the idea of taking care of two babies at the same time. However, most couples would love […]

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How Long Are Condoms Good For After Manufacture?

The surest way of avoiding getting pregnant or getting infected with an STI is through abstinence. However, condoms offer couples with an option of enjoying sex while at the same time avoiding pregnancy or protecting themselves from STIs since sex is more fun when you are not worried about getting pregnant or getting an STI. […]

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How To Feel Your Uterus During Pregnancy

One of the most vital organs in a woman’s reproductive system is the uterus. It is where the fertilised egg is implanted after which the cells develop into a fetus and finally into a baby who will be born after nine months. This explains why one of the most searched questions on the internet concerning […]

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7 Steps On How To Clean The Medela Tubing

We do speak a lot about the importance of breastfeeding your baby since breast milk contains all the essential nutrients and hormones that your little bundle will need. Due to the priceless value of this wonder food to the baby, breast pumps and milk storage bags were invented so that mothers could still be able […]

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How To Go Into Labour At 37 Weeks

Are you in the late stages of your third trimester and you feel like you are ready to get it over with? Maybe you are tired of sitting tight and waiting for yourself to go into labour anytime. A full pregnancy is somewhere between your 37th and 42nd week, experts say. Any labour that occurs […]

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Can You Eat Mushrooms While Pregnant?

Mushrooms come in various tastes and flavours. Apart from that, they are also a gold mine of nutrients. During pregnancy, the body’s demand for essential nutrients is higher than ever hence mushrooms can be a vital source of such nutrients. But the question is, can you eat mushrooms while pregnant? When cooked right, these wild […]

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