Can You Eat Sour Cream When Pregnant? All You Need To Know

There is nothing that tastes better than sour cream on nachos or sour cream on baked potatoes. I love it, and I bet you love it too. However, when a woman gets pregnant everything changes. These changes apply even to your diet since there are things you can eat and there are things you will be restricted from eating. All these are for your baby’s sake since what you eat will not only have an effect on you but on your baby too.

sour cream on baked potatoes

As a mother to be, you will be required to work out which food you will be able to eat and which food to avoid hence navigating the do’s and don’ts will be very difficult but since it’s the health of your baby we are talking about here, you should be able to take on everything with a smile.

Keeping your diet in check will be a major task that you would have to consider right from the moment you will realise you are expecting a baby. It will be difficult at the start, and one of the questions you would want answers for is “Can you eat sour cream when pregnant?”

Sour Cream Ingredients

The commercial sour cream contains ingredients like calcium sulphate, sodium phosphate, corn starch, salt and much more. Some brands may also contain additives, thickeners, and stabilisers. It is okay to take sour cream, whether you are pregnant or not. What you should worry more about is the ingredients in the sour cream.

A sour cream with ingredients that are stabilisers, thickeners and additives is not good for you and your baby. A sour cream that also has too many natural ingredients is not good too. Therefore before you buy sour cream, it will be good to read the ingredient list of that particular brand and go for that which has few ingredients that are natural. Avoid sour cream with a lot of ingredients, most of which you don’t know why they are there in the first place.

Do you know that you can also make your own homemade sour cream? In fact, this is the best option, especially if quitting sour cream feels like parting with your lungs. Doing this is very easy and safe since you will only add ingredients that are okay for you and the baby.

Sour Cream Ingredients


You can click the link below to watch a video that will get you started in making your own sour cream.

Note When Buying Sour Cream

Another thing to watch out for when buying your sour cream is whether the cream has been pasteurised or not. You don’t want to mess with any bacteria while you are pregnant hence to ensure that you and your baby are safe, any milk product that you consume should be pasteurised.

Milk may contain bacteria called listeria that is very dangerous since they can cause miscarriages and even stillbirths in pregnant women. It's therefore very important that you ensure you only consume milk products that have been pasteurised since no bacteria can survive pasteurisation.

When Is It Not A Good Idea To Eat Sour Cream When Pregnant?

Sour cream is very high in fat. Most women are always worried about gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy. This is something you can avoid as you are likely to gain baby fat. Therefore if your weight is such a big issue of concern that wakes up the butterflies in your stomach, then I would advise you to stay away from sour cream since they are so high in fat. You can also consider using cream with low fat if you just can’t do without your cream.

 worried about gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy

Sometimes when you get pregnant, the tastes of the food you used to like may suddenly change as a result of a change in your appetite. Things that used to taste great may now taste bad. In case this happens with sour cream, then just avoid eating it until the food aversion disappears. Sometimes this might last for the whole period you are pregnant.

Your doctor may also advise you against eating certain foods. This may be as a result of allergic reactions from you or the baby to particular types of food or the ingredients in a particular food. So in case your doctor tells you to stay away from sour cream, then you will not be allowed to eat it until you deliver the baby or until you wean the baby.


To clear the air, I want to let all the pregnant women who might be reading this article know that it is safe and okay to eat sour cream and any other dairy products during pregnancy. You should go for sour cream with natural ingredients. To protect your baby and yourself from bacteria that can cause fatalities to your baby, ensure that the products you buy are pasteurised.

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