How To Go Into Labour At 37 Weeks

Are you in the late stages of your third trimester and you feel like you are ready to get it over with? Maybe you are tired of sitting tight and waiting for yourself to go into labour anytime. A full pregnancy is somewhere between your 37th and 42nd week, experts say. Any labour that occurs before the 37th week is termed as preterm labour, and its bad news.

In most cases, women tend to go into labour between 41 and 42 weeks naturally. Sometimes it can delay by a few days, which usually makes a woman desperate to go into labour since if it delays further, it means staring at having a C-section.

At 37 weeks of pregnancy, most soon-to-be mums can’t wait to hold their babies in their arms. Some may start to wish for ways they could just go into labour right away. I’ve been in that kind of situation, and trust me; I know how anxious it feels. If you are in that situation or you are about to be, then wish no more because I’m going to show you some of the old wives’ tales on how to go into labour at 37 weeks.

Ways to induce your labour

Below are ways you can make yourself go into labour at 37 weeks.


Acupressure is similar to acupuncture only that there are no needles involved. It involves the application of physical pressure to your life energy path which is usually points that run along your body’s meridian system.

These are ancient Chinese medicinal techniques that should only be practised by professionals. Acupressure can be a great and safe technique of inducing labour without having to use drugs. According to acupressure specialists, there are 6 points on the body where pressure can be applied to induce labour.

One of the acupuncture points is the Spleen 6 point (SP6) and is one of the most versatile points. Located above the ankle, on the backside of the lower calf, SP6 is one of the points that can easily make you go into labour by applying pressure firmly using the index finger for some seconds.

Other acupuncture points include Bladder 60 point (BL60) located on foot, Pericardium 8 point PC8 located on your palm. Acupuncture usually involves massage.

Kicking It Between The Sheets

Sex is known to be one of the old fashioned ways that women can use to go into labour. The scientific part of it is that semen contains a chemical known as prostaglandin that will soften the cervix which will result into labour. The uterus may also contract when you orgasm and getting your uterine muscles into action.

When you have sex, your body is triggered to release a hormone known as oxytocin that usually aids in contractions. What you should keep in mind that once your water has broken, you should never attempt sex since it may lead to infections or if you have had some form of vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy.


Experts say that if you are reached your full pregnancy term which usually starts from the 37th week, you should consider making walking a habit since it will ensure that you are always in an upright position, and this is optimal for labour.

Although walking won’t induce labour right away, if your labour had already started, walking will increase the frequency at which your contractions will occur, gearing you towards your delivery very quickly. This is because the gravitational pull will make your baby exert more pressure on the cervix.

Other benefits that come with walking is that you will be able to relax and enjoy the sun while also getting some fresh air.

Nipple Stimulation

The hormone that bears sole responsibility for the contraction of the uterus is oxytocin. Any action that will cause the body to release the hormone will certainly qualify to be on this article. One of such actions is nipple stimulation. When the nipples are stimulated, oxytocin will be released by the pituitary glands located in the brain.

You can stimulate your nipples by either using a breast pump, gently rubbing your nipples or by standing in a hot shower. You can also get your husband to help in the stimulation of your nipples since he can do it better.

Breast Pump


Eating Spicy Foods

This is one of the most popular theories. Though not scientifically proven, I think there is some truth to it. One of the ways spicy food can cause a woman to go into labour is through the stimulation of the digestive system. Some spices may irritate the digestive system. I know you may be wondering how in the world your stomach is related to your uterus, so read on.

When your digestive system is irritated, you may start to diarrhoea which may result in dehydration. Now it is this dehydration that is known to cause contractions in pregnant women.

Eating spicy food is also believed to increase the body’s production of prostaglandin hormone which facilitates the contraction of the uterine muscles. However, this method is not guaranteed to work on every woman, but you can just try it to see if it will work for you.

Pharmacological Methods

This is the most preferred method of labour induction that is recommended by professionals since it has been tested and can be backed up scientifically. Vaginal PGE2 the preferred method and is usually administered as tablet or gel.

However, this method comes with associated risks. One of the risks includes uterine hyperstimulation. Doctors are therefore encouraged to inform women of such risks before administering vaginal PGE2.

Under What Circumstances Can Induction Of Labour Be Recommended By Your Doctor?

Your doctor may give you the green light to induce labour before your due date under the following circumstances:

  • If there is some infection in your uterus that will put the life of the baby at risk.
  • You don’t have enough amniotic fluid in your womb. The baby cannot survive with little amniotic fluid.
  • If the doctor discovers that there are some abnormalities with your placenta.
  • If your water breaks after you have attained full-time pregnancy, but your due date is not yet.

Since going into labour at 37 weeks disrupts the natural order of pregnancy, there are risks that may result as a result of that. These risks include:

  • Increased risk of C-section.
  • Increased risk of premature birth since calculations of due date may sometimes be inaccurate.
  • Umbilical cord problems may result due to umbilical cord prolapse which may be as a result of the umbilical cord coming out before your baby’s head. The cord might get a compressed cutting off the baby’s oxygen supply.
  • Babies born as a result of induced labour may suffer from abnormally lower heart rates.

The Takeaway

Pregnancy is a special period for a mother at the same time a hectic one. It is no easy task dealing with swollen feet, nausea for 42 weeks, leave alone the difficulty of even turning on your sofa. It is for this reason that you might wish to go into labour at 37 weeks, a few more weeks to the finish line.

I would recommend that you just be patient and let mother nature handle her business the way she sees fit. After all, your due date will finally reach.

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