Moulding Your Child the Best Possible Way

Children are beautiful. They are everything to a parent, and nothing makes a parent more proud than seeing a child grow up to become someone that’s strong, competent, and good. The early years of a child are some of the most important because these are the developmental years. Kindergarten is the year that children begin formal education, yet learning actually begins the moment they become aware of their surroundings. 

See, learning is the fundamental mechanism by which we are able to make sense of the world around us and it is through learning that we are able to not only move within our environment safely, but to also use our environment to help us thrive in it. This is exactly why it’s imperative to make the best of your child’s developmental years in order to establish strong roots.

And how exactly do you do this? Apart from the home environment, the two most potent ways of establishing a child’s roots is through education and religion. If you think about it, our very lives are heavily influenced by these two things. The world functions on these two aspects and we often overlook the true importance of both these things.

These structured collections of knowledge and wisdom give us the best chance at succeeding in life. The first quarter of our lives are spent learning the ways of the world, and these are the two things that help build our character and define our perception of many things in life.

Whether it’s in learning the fundamentals of a specific field of study or it’s in establishing a moral compass, one simply cannot brush off the impact that religion and education have on an individual. The development of the mind and heart cannot be neglected, especially in young children.

Education provides useful, working information, but knowledge without action is nothing more than wasted potential. The concept of faith is as important than religion itself, if not more. The ability to stand by your beliefs and to model your decisions around your beliefs makes for a strong character and a definite moral compass.

The ability to believe in something strongly is one of the most important components of resilience. And, in my humble, honest opinion, I believe that resilience is more needed in the modern age than ever. It’s a common fact that life is difficult and there will always be setbacks and unfortunate events. But the one thing that will ensure that your child stands a chance is resilience.

And there is no better source for resilience than faith. Faith in oneself, faith in the people around you. The belief that there’s a better world waiting if you do your part to make it into a reality. Schools like this Perth private school with christian values make for an incredibly effective balance of education and faith.

Because after all, life itself is a balancing act.

Kristi Cathey

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