5 Easy Recipes For The Coolest Stranger Things Party

The recent conclusion of the third season of Stranger Things has once again left fans wanting more. Season four is confirmed and on its ways to be filmed this year, which means El and her friends aren't going away anytime soon. The series' story, combined with its eerie vintage vibe has become a popular party theme and who can blame them?

It's hard not to get sucked into their world when the characters are so fascinating. Organizing a party is stressful on its own, so if you want to have a Stranger Things themed party, you can get themed supplies for your party like packs of plates, cups, placemats, drink labels, and balloons to name a few.

Why stress out when you can buy these things in bulk? It saves you some time and hassle. With that said, you must be looking for Stranger Things food recipes besides Eggos, right? Read on below to get inspired:

M&M Cupcakes

Remember the Christmas lights that Joyce Byers put up in season 1 in search of answers for her missing son, Will? You can recreate that by using M&M's, cupcakes, white frosting, and chocolate syrup. It's perfect for a Halloween or birthday party.

Even if your celebration is nowhere near the holidays, every true fan will know that it's not inspired by Christmas. According to this recipe, there are so many variations you can do or make your interpretation. If you don't know how to bake, you can get store-bought cupcakes and decorate it to your heart's content.

Spooky Chicken Wings

If the sight of dark-colored wings don't gross you out then this recipe for you. According to this website, the recipe hopes to recreate what roasted bat wings would look like using black food coloring and marinade made with soy sauce. Wings are perfect finger foods and while it may be messy, they can fill up your guests. Not to mention, they look gnarly and go together perfectly with the theme.

Savory Demogorgon Meatloaf

Who could forget the Demogorgons from the Upside Down? Although the name was borrowed from a popular board game, Mike and his friends found it apt to label the monster as such because it could travel to different dimensions. While the Demogorgon is described as a tall humanoid, its most striking feature is its head that looks like a strange flower with its "petals" with sharp teeth which can unfurl to reveal a big mouth.

This recipe from the Starving Chef aims to recreate that look. If you're not too freaked out about digging into food that looks like it could devour you at any moment, then give this a try. It's surprisingly detailed, too as it uses onions creatively to simulate the "teeth." You and your guests will surely love this.

Eleven's First Fries

French fries were the first food that El ate when she first escaped above ground in Hawkin's Indiana. It was in a diner and as she first tasted it, she was so hungry that she couldn't help but take fistfuls of fries in her mouth. Fries are a favorite party food and they're easy enough to prepare especially when you can buy kilos of the frozen stuff from the groceries. Then again, it's only applicable if you have a lot of guests.

If you have a small gathering, consider making matchstick fries from scratch. They're thin, crispy, and oh-so-good that you'll want to shove as many as you can in your mouth. Here's a recipe that's easy to follow.

Upside Down Blood (Orange) Cake

What's a party without cake and what's upside down without its share of monsters and blood? Although blood oranges are completely harmless, delicious, and nutritious, they look almost gruesome because of its color. This recipe for an upside down blood orange cake is the perfect addition to the list of foods your party should have.

This cake may take a bit of preparation so its best to make it a day or two in advance. If you're a newbie baker, you can ask for assistance from a friend who knows a thing or two. You can also have this cake commissioned if the option is available to you.

What are your favorite Stranger Things-inspired recipes? Share them in the comments below.

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