BBQ Checklist: How To Arrange A Successful Barbeque For The Family

Barbeques are a favorite activity, especially during summer. It’s a great way to spend time with family or friends without spending a lot. It’s a go-to alternative to going to summer vacations that require a longer time to plan and more money to shell out. However, it takes more than the grill, the food, the weather, and the backyard to have a fail-proof barbeque. There are other things to think about, but we’ve got you covered. Here’s a checklist to help you arrange a successful barbeque for your family

1. Planning The Party

Think ahead, arrange the needs of the occasion, and consider contingency plans in case things don’t go as hoped. It’s crucial in every occasion that you’re prepared for what could happen in the barbeque party. The main considerations that are included in the planning stage are the weather and the venue. Here are some tips:

Weather. The weather can be unpredictable at times, so it’s essential that you set a date that is most likely to be sunny. Check the weather forecast for this. Think of options in case of rain, such as preparing a tent or a marquee.

Venue. There are many options that you can get creative with. If the family barbeque is simple and you want to do it in your backyard, make sure that you clear up the space and remove anything that might not be safe for your family, especially when there are kids.

Theme and Décor. If you’re planning something fancier than the usual barbeque, you can also have a theme and some decorations to spice up the venue. Common barbeque themes are tropical, beach themes, and a garden tea party.

2. Considering The Seating

  • Consider the seating to ensure that everyone is having a good time. Think about the family members attending the barbeque and their needs. Remember that elderly guests and younger ones have different needs from middle-aged adults. Here are some tips:
  • Make sure that you provide extra seating in case there is a lack of seating space or more people came to you barbeque than you expected; you don’t want your guests standing the whole duration of your barbeque
  • If there are kids, have children’s height picnic tables in place so they’re able to seat themselves and eat comfortably; these tables also help reduce the incidence of falls and minimize the mess they make.
  • 3. Prioritizing Safety

    Safety is an important factor in determining the success of your family barbeque. Accidents can happen. Reduce the chances of accidents by focusing on the things you can control. Some safety precautions are:

    Disabled access. If you have a family member with a disability, then having disabled access is a must. If he or she is on a wheelchair, make sure you provide a ramp or other options in the venue.

    First aid kit. Keep a first aid kit handy in case of burns or wounds.

    Sunscreen. Don’t forget to put on some sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Take the bottle with you for reapplication or if a family member didn’t bring one.

    Bug spray. Bug sprays are important in the outdoors, even if it’s just in your backyard. Summer is a time when insects come out and take advantage of the summer bloom and weather. Remember to pack an insect repellent, especially when you have kids.

    4. Preparing The Equipment

    The grill is the most important equipment in a barbeque. Prepare your outdoor grill and the things you need in grilling to avoid burns and inconvenience and so that you can focus on the cooking. Here’s a checklist you’ll need:

    • Tongs – To handle the meat on the grill
    • Spatula – To flip the meat with ease
    • Grill fork – To pierce the meat to check if it’s already cooked
    • Grill glove – To protect your hands from the heat
    • Apron – To avoid staining your clothes
    • Gas or charcoal – To smoke the grill
    • Aluminum foil – To wrap the meat and prevent loss of moisture while cooking
    • Basting brush – To apply barbeque sauce
    • Towels – To use in various ways: as mitten to transfer carry hot items, to wipe your hands, and others

    5. Creating The Menu

    The menu and the food you serve also influence the success of your family barbeque. It can be as simple or as complex as you want it. When preparing your menu, try to accommodate the food preferences of your family members. Here are some menu ideas:

    • Mains – Meat is a common choice, but provide vegetarian options, too. Having two mains should be enough. Some examples are hamburger patties, chicken, salmon, or shrimp, pork ribs, and steaks. For vegetarian dishes, you can have vegan burgers, grilled aubergines, and avocado tacos.
    • Sides – These are good additions to your main dishes. They can be served together with the mains or can be snacks while waiting for the meat to cook. Some popular side choices are corn on the cob, tortilla chips or nachos, summer fruits such as watermelon and pineapple, potato salad, and coleslaw.
    • Dessert – Having a tasty dessert is an excellent way to cap off your family barbeque. You can have cool desserts, such as ice cream and ice pops, which are perfect for warm days. Other options are cheesecakes, truffles, brownies, and pies.

    6. Packing The Tableware

    Don’t forget to bring tableware essentials to avoid inconvenience and frustrations. You can opt for disposable ones for easy cleanup or reusable outdoor table supplies for an eco-friendly option. Don’t forget to have:

    • Tablecloth
    • Plates and bowls
    • Spoon, fork, and knives
    • Cups
    • Toothpicks
    • Cutting board
    • Napkins

    7. Providing The Beverages

    On a warm and hot sunny day, it’s important to plan the refreshments ahead to keep family members hydrated. Make sure that you have enough ice-cold water for everyone. In addition, you can include drinks according to the age of your guests. Kids can have lemonade and fruit punches, whereas adults can have options like beer or wine.

    A family barbeque is only one of the options to have fun with your family. It’s definitely easier to do than other activities, such as camping in the mountains or going to another city or country. Make your family barbeque successful by using this checklist. Have fun!

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