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If you ever want your child to have a bite of what you have packed in his or her lunchbox, then you must make the right food choices. According to myhomeworkdone experts, even if your kid has no appetite for food, providing a tasty meal can turn things around. That said, you also need to consider your kid’s health and what he or she loves before even making your way to the kitchen to put your culinary skills to use. But if you have the final say regarding what your child will have for launch, here are simple but tasty meals you can try out.

1. Pitta Pockets

If you are looking for an option to avoid sandwiches because of their high fat and calories, then try to pack the Pitta pockets in your kid’s lunchbox. You will be doing your young and innocent kid a favor by avoiding high fatty and calorie foods that can hurt his or her health.

However, pitta pockets are so easy to prepare. And you can have them paired with finger foods such as mint dip & crushed pea with carrot sticks, to give a unique flavor. Most people add the spiced almonds that kids enjoy. It all boils down to how creative you can get when preparing the launch for your kid.

2. Penne Salad And Green Bean

This pasta salad can bring back your kid’s appetite, especially if he tells you he doesn’t feel like eating. With basil dressing and fresh tomatoes spread throughout the length and breadth of the plate, you kid will surely gain something from this healthy meal. Also, you can add chicken to make the pasta more delicious.  To get more greens, add basil.

 This recipe turns out to be very colorful and attractive. It is one food that young mothers can prepare for their kids without even spending much time in the kitchen.

3. Tuna Rice Salad

The Tuna rice salad is one of the simplest foods you can prepare for your kid. You can also cook more rice to serve the entire family, not just one kid. But whether you are making the meal for your whole family or kid alone, you can top with enough protein, which is beneficial to both kids and adult. Ingredients needed to prepare the Tuna rice salad include brown rice, white rice, tomatoes, peas, green onions, peppers, olive, and parsley.

4. Pita Plate And Hummus

There are many reasons kids love hummus. The tasty snack also adds its unique flavor when used as spread or food dip. Hummus is also healthy for kids and easy for anyone, even those with below average culinary skills, to prepare.

Also, hummus is safe for children to consume. And because it is soft, there is no way it would become a choking hazard that will harm a kid. Plus, your kid will get the protein, potassium, iron, Vitamin E and vitamin B6 he or she needs.

However, if you are planning to prepare hummus and pita plate, then here are the ingredients you need: olives, salami, grape and baby tomato.

5. Turkey And Pepper Pittas

The turkey and pepper pitas are a kid-friendly launch idea that children enjoy and is healthy for kids. Just slice your tomatoes, mix properly and season with the black pepper. Then split open your gluten-free pittas roll or bread, and fill it up with the mixture.

Served with some soft pieces of avocado and soured cream, the snacky turkey pittas will no doubt make the best launch for your kid. But to prevent the pittas from becoming soggy when placing it in your child’s lunchbox, the soured cream should be in another pot.

6. Quinoa Salad

 Keep your kid satisfied, healthy and eager for the second round of meal with the quinoa salad. This salad is one of the simplest lunches you can prepare for your kids even though you are running out of time. Throw in some briny olives, few pieces of salty cheese, and fresh tomatoes into quinoa, to give the healthy but boring grain a unique flavoring face-lift.

7. Cold Noodle Salad

Soba noodles are ideal for lunch. Plus, they are quick and simple to prepare. According to a write my essay and food expert, you can make your cold noodle salad in advice, and combine with fresh ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of your child.


There are many simple, healthy and tasty meals you can prepare for your kid for lunch. And you can seek your child’s opinion on what he or she would like to have for lunch. But if that is not the case, then you can decide for him or her. However, the various meals as mentioned above are simple and healthy meals you can prepare for your child anytime.

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