6 Important Factors to Consider When Hiring An Overnight Nanny

Nannies are beneficial to parents who don’t have enough time to care for their children due to work schedules, frequent travel, or excessive tiredness. Night nannies are beneficial for families who need assistance overnight whether it be for a night out or to get more sleep. There are many things you must consider when hiring help like this because you want to feel comfortable with your baby being alone with a stranger and you want to feel secure about giving them access to your home.

Though there are similarities between regular nannies and night ones, it’s important to take extra steps to ensure that you hire a good nanny for your family. Overnight assistance will be greatly beneficial for those who struggle with caring for their children late in the day. Take a look at this list of important things to think about when you are going through the hiring process.

1. Figure Why Do You Need An Overnight Nanny

Some overnight nannies are good for travel and some are good for getting your child ready for bed and to sleep. It’s important to think about what you need an overnight nanny for. If you are going to be away for a short amount of time getting a babysitter will suffice. If you need someone to consistently assist you will your children during the night, getting a nanny that will stay with them overnight is ideal. Some overwhelmed new parents  Do you want your children to get on a certain schedule? Some parents struggle to get their kids to sleep at night and hire help to work with their kids to put them on a schedule.

Night nannies were primarily used to help parents who have more than one child at a time. As time goes on more and more families hire help to for a single child. Being a parent can be difficult especially if you’re sleep deprived or frequently busy, so after hiring an overnight nanny they feel relieved.

2. Figure What Kind Of Night Nanny You Need

Figuring what kind of night nanny you need is important to hire the correct person to assist you. You must think about the ages of your children. The infant age is where most parents hire help to help them and the baby sleep throughout the night. These types of assistance are usually more expensive and are classified as newborn specialists or baby nurses. They are trained specifically to care for infants during the night to help parents rest or enjoy time away.

Take prior experience seriously. You want someone who knows what they’re doing before allowing them to care for your child while you are resting or gone from home. You will have more of a peace of mind knowing that they are skilled and won’t be calling you to help them help you. Though it is good to lay out certain methods and regulations, in the beginning, you shouldn’t have to keep guiding them through what needs to be done.

You must also consider the living circumstances you have. If you want your nanny to stay overnight, where would you like them to sleep? You should include room and board for your nanny into your budget as well.

3. Determine A Budget.

Overnight nannies can get quite expensive so your budget for a nanny is just as important as the skills you require. The pay rates for overnight nannies vary on location and should be paid just as much as daytime nannies. Though your child will be sleeping, you are paying for someone to watch over them to ensure their safety and comfortability. Your nanny is on duty while you are off and they should be compensated for such. Don’t think you should give them less pay because you think they aren’t doing much work, but some overnight nannies go through certain training to get certifications.

You must think about the cost to hire a night nanny. The rates are usually between $15-$40 and are quite different than regular babysitters. Any amount of hours worked over 40 hours should be paid as overtime, especially if you want them to stay the night at your home. Determine how you want to pay your nanny, whether it be direct deposit or paper checks.

4. Post Detailed Job Description

Your job description is important in finding the nanny that fits your family’s needs. You want to make sure to add any skills that you want your nanny to have. Certifications are also things you want to add in your job descriptions. The more detailed the better. You want to be clear so your candidates know exactly what they’re getting into. It’s better to let them know up front than to hire someone who isn't prepared or skilled. You also want to add certain education requirements you want your nanny to have. This will help you be at ease when knowing that your nanny is educated in childcare and other important subjects.

Some things you need to include in your job description:

  • Diaper changing
  • Supervising baths or bathing babies
  • Reading to children
  • Calming crying babies
  • Implementing routine
  • High school education
  • Flexibility
  • Stress tolerance
  • First Aid and CPR certification
  • Prior childcare experience

5. Consider Certain Nighttime Routines

What routines do you want your child to be on? Do you want your nanny to start from scratch or work with one you already created? Think about what times you want your night nanny to work. This is important in keeping your child on a schedule and inputting certain methods that you like. Let them know what your child enjoys before bed, whether it is a cup of warm milk or a bedtime story. This will help your child get adjusted to a new person caring for them and help your nanny connect with them. You want to give a certain situation example to learn how your nanny will interact and react to them.

 Discuss the sleep habits of your night nanny to make sure they will awake when your child needs them. You don’t want to hire a heavy sleeper or someone who is laggy when waking up. A light sleeper who is alert when waking is ideal for an overnight nanny.

6. Ensure Safety

Do your research and background checks to ensure the safety of your child. The hiring process should include extensive interview sessions and vetting. You want to get to know the person who will be caring for your child while you’re away or sleeping. You also want a nanny that has the proper skills to take care of safety situations. You don’t want to neglect the first aid and CPR certifications because it will only be stressful to leave them alone with your child if they aren’t properly trained in certain safety protocols.

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