How to Announce Baby’s Arrival in Style

When your new baby arrives in your life, the world changes forever. It's the most magical thing that can ever happen to you, as the most precious thing on the planet enters your life and fills it with love.

Your friends and family will be almost as overjoyed as you are, so you'll want to tell them the good news as soon as possible. There are many ways to announce the birth of a new son or daughter, formal and informal, but an event as important as this deserves to be announced in style, so here are three ways you can do just that.

1. Place an Ad in the Local Paper

It's been a long tradition that happy arrivals are announced in the local newspaper, and yet in these days of social media, many choose not to do this.

Social media accounts are a fantastic place to share pictures of baby and parents, especially as this allows friends from across the world to share in the happy event, but we still think there's room for local newspaper ads.

Placing a notice of birth is both traditional and stylish, and in this link to the past it pays tribute to the actions our own parents and grandparents would have taken. It's also great to have a physical copy of the newspaper the announcement appears in, as this will make a great gift for your son or daughter on their 18th birthday.

2. Baby Announcement Labels

After you return home with your baby, you're sure to be very busy, but in those precious moments of peace you'll want to write to loved ones and tell them the joyous news. These are treasured letters, but they can be made even more special by adding baby announcement address labels. They come in a variety of colorful yet elegant styles, including ones that include fun designs such as bears and ladybirds. They can be fully personalized, so why not add your baby's name to your own above your address? It's sure to catch the eye of whoever sees it, and make them eager to read the letter itself.

3. Baby Arrival Party

It's common for women to have a baby shower party during pregnancy, but more and more are having a party after the birth to celebrate this happy event in style. It makes perfect sense to do this, as it's a great way to let off steam after the stresses and physical and emotional hardships of pregnancy. At a baby arrival party, your baby can take center stage, allowing friends and relatives to see him or her for the first time.

Throwing a party, sending personalized letters with baby arrival address labels on them, making announcements on social media and placing an advert in the local newspaper are all excellent ways to announce the birth of your baby, and they can all be done in style. The way we announce a new baby may change through the years and generations, but the love that we give to and receive from our children is timeless and priceless.

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