How To Be A Great Airbnb Host

The creation of Airbnb has created something of a mini revolution in the way people travel and where they can stay when visiting a new town or country. However, over time, some cracks have started to appear on the once seemingly flawless façade of this room sharing idea.

There were numerous reports of guests from hell wreaking havoc on an apartment, as well as super restrictive hosts who micromanaged every second of their guests’ stay. Still, with more time, some simple and informal rules have started to be formed in the community, more of guidelines or etiquette for harmonious relationships. Here are some useful tips on how to be the best host on Airbnb.

Make Your Home Pleasant

You want to feel comfortable in your home, and so do your guests. When they arrive, they want to find a clean and welcoming atmosphere, rather than a clutter and a mess. Even if you’ve had previous guests who left the place a mess, you still want to give your new guests the best possible first impression.

Get a professional cleaner to clean your place quickly and thoroughly so that the new guests can relax and enjoy the benefits of your home, rather than worry about the cleanliness of the sheets or the floors. Leaving complementary toiletries and a toothbrush isn’t obligatory, but it sure is a nice gesture. One thing you may forget and is pretty essential nowadays is providing a WiFi password out front.

Notify Your Neighbors

When you use Airbnb to lease your apartment, you are not just giving your personal space to strangers, you will also give them the use of the common rooms like the elevators and the hallways. If you have neighbors who are uneasy when they meet strangers inside the building, let them know that you will be having some people over and that they are trustworthy.

Even if your neighbors are relaxed and not overly concerned with your own business, you may still want to give them a heads up about the situation. Generally speaking, Airbnb guests are pretty decent and don’t cause too many problems, but there are always exceptions to the rule.

Greet Your Guests

You want your guests to leave you a positive rating on Airbnb site. However, you will need to earn that rating. One great way to do so is to greet your guests in person and give them a short tour of the place and giving them some guidelines.

Let them know that you when and how they can reach you if they need to and offer them some help with orientation in your part of town if they need it.

Set The Rules

Most people using Airbnb are experienced travelers who are looking for cheap alternatives to the expensive hotels, which means that they will be aware of the etiquette and the general rules, but if you have some specific rules for your place, the time to mention them is right there and then, when you meet your guests for the first time.

While you are talking about the rules, you can also tell them what they are free to do, like use your bike to get around the town or your gaming console (if you’re comfortable with this). Also, since Airbnb has ‘bnb’ in it, make sure that there’s something to eat for your guests. No need for anything special, most people won’t expect it, but something basic would be a nice boon to your guests.

Most Airbnb guests aren’t too difficult to please. All they want is a clean place where they can rest after exploring the city outside. If you can provide that, you’re well on your way to become the ideal Airbnb host.

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