How to Get a Toddler to Sleep Throughout The Night?

If you ask a parent of a baby or toddler, ‘how are you’, probably the answer would be, ‘tired’. First of all, toddlers fight a lot to go to bed at night. Moreover, they wake up several times at night and can stay awake for one hour or even more. And there’s no need to tell that when your kid is out of sleep, you’re too.

But if your kid’s sleep is chronically getting interrupted, that means he is overtired. And as a parent, it’s your duty to work on this and fix this as soon as possible.

After months of struggle, my kid finally started sleeping steadily after two and a half years. So here’re the tips that finally worked out.

Tips To Get Your Toddler to Sleep

Deal With the Age

If you have a newborn baby, you may have to feed it in every two hours. That means, feeding it more than a couple of times a night is normal. In addition to this, your toddler may be teething or have gas which can wake him up at night. This may keep happening up to a year or even more. At his four months, he is at the high need stage. At that time he needs constant nursing, almost never sleeps and needs to be held all the time.

Kids aging 12 to 18 months are smart enough to understand that you’re going to leave as soon as they fall asleep. So they may wake up frequently. Train him to nod off by himself. So even if he wakes up at midnight, he won’t be afraid and go back to sleep. Leave the room before he closes his eyes. He’ll yawn and talk to himself and gradually fall asleep.

Children of 1 to 3 years old have wild imaginations. They’re scared of creepy creatures. This may keep them awake till late at night. Don’t pretend to spray ‘monster poison’ as if you’re driving those away. By doing so, you’re just feeding their fear. Rather confirm him that there’s no such thing as ghost or monster. Besides, assure him that you’ll be always nearby.

Follow the Routine

From a very early stage, try to get him into a routine. No matter how much you adore him, be strict and consistent in this case. If it’s time to bed, then warn him that he has to get to the bed in five minutes. If necessary, reschedule the naptime.

As your baby grows up, his behavior also changes. So you must modify the routine also. Younger toddlers nap frequently during the day. But older toddlers, if take a long nap during the day, may keep awake till late at night. As they can go an entire day without napping, so let it be. At the end of the day, they will be tired enough and fell asleep early. Or if he takes a nap during the day, don’t let him sleep for too long.

Don’t Let Him Sleep Hungry

Going to bed with a filled tummy can interrupt the sleep by introducing acidity. Again, if your baby gets hungry at the middle of the night, he’ll wake up. But arranging a full meal at midnight is cumbersome.

Taking protein and fat at dinner supplies fuel throughout the night. Or you can take them additionally before going to the bed. They also stabilize the blood sugar. As a result, he won’t feel hungry while he’s sleeping.

One spoonful of coconut oil is easily manageable. Alternatively, you can also offer him a mixture of honey and krill oil. If your kid hates to eat coconut oil alone, you can mix peanut butter with it. Peanut butter provides the protein whereas coconut oil provides the fat.

Change the Dietary

Gluten free and dairy free milk helps to subside stomach issues. It improves consequently the sleep at night. Even if he wakes up at night, he will go back to sleep easily. He’ll also be sick less often. So it’s wise to cut out dairy milk completely as soon as he reaches two and a half year. You can supplement dairy milk by yogurt to supply enough calcium.

Bath Him with Epsom Salt

A warm bath before sleep is conducive to an interruption-free sleep is proven. It would be even better if you add a half cup of Epsom salt to the water. Soak him and play with him in it for not less than 20 minutes. It’s an excellent trick to ensure a sound sleep throughout the night.

Apply Magnesium Oil Lotion

After the bath, rub his belly with about half teaspoon of magnesium oil enriched lotion. Then put him in his pajamas and let him brush his teeth. Put it in your routine.

Why? It’s because magnesium does a lot of health benefits. One of those is, it helps to relax the muscles that result in peaceful sleep. Epsom salt that I told you to use in the bath above also contains magnesium.

The magnesium supplement can also be taken orally. But it works more efficiently when it’s absorbed through the skin.

Dress Him Properly

Avoid Synthetic fabrics as clothing as they can cause irritation and allergy. Organic cotton will provide comfort throughout the night. Don’t put him on excess clothing.

Prepare the Bed and Create the Environment

Persisting a sleepy environment in the bedroom is a key to keep your kid asleep throughout the night. Before you put him on the bed, make sure the bed is ready. The mattress and the pillows of his crib or bed should be comfortable and firm enough. Avoid too soft or too firm bedding. Keep extra pillows on his one or both sides. Here’s some of the best toddler pillows for your kids.

Put out all the bright lights. You can use a night light in his room if he is afraid of the dark that not blue obviously. Blue lights interrupt the sleep. Lower the amount of noise when it’s his bedtime. Keep the room temperature around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep checking whether he’s overheating or not while sleeping. Also, keep checking the temperature of his room.

Spend enough time in his room at daytime so that it seems a friendly place to him.

Final Words

Having a consistent sleep at night is important for your baby’s growth. Make sure your baby remains dry through the night. Make bedtime a little more fun. On top of everything, assure him that he is safe and you’re always going to be around him.

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